The Rope Master (F435-Z)

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The Rope Master

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The Rope Master is a steel hook that is the ultimate tool when it comes to combining anal-play with hardcore rope-bondage.

The Rope Master has a steel ball on the end of the hook that inserts into the anus.

The other end has a ring that the rope goes through. Once the ball-end is firmly inside the ass, the rope-ring will rest against the small of the back. Ropes can then go around the body or be tied to something else.

The Rope Master will inspire many inventive ways to combine rope bondage and anal play. It is the perfect way to creatively subdue a submissive or slave.

Product Details:


• Overall Length: 16.18in/41cm

• Ball Diameter: 1.18in/2.9cm

• Rope Ring Diameter: 1.18/2.99cm

• Weight: 9oz/255.1gm


• Overall Length: 16.5in/41.9cm

• Ball Diameter: 1.5in/3.81cm

• Rope Ring Diameter: 1.33in/3.37cm

• Weight: 13.5oz/382.7gm


• Overall Length: 17.1in/43.4cm

• Ball Diameter: 2.1in/5.33cm

• Rope Ring Diameter: 1.35in/3.49cm

• Weight: 28oz/793.7gm

Note: Not intended for suspension.

Make your anal adventure experience complete, incorporating rope bondage. We recommend using the Rope Master with hemp rope.

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