The Joys Of Female Domination (E312)

The Joys Of Female Domination
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From back of DVD:

Starring: Irene Boss, Mistress Servalan

Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Rubber Doms Irene Boss and Mistress Servalan have just completely corseted their victim. Irene shows off his new dog tags and her long red luscious nails! The sissy slave slut is moved into the medical room to be placed in metal cuffs. Madame Nadine's filthy panties are shoved in the slave's mouth. The Ladies change into new sexy outfits of leather and latex and the slave is restrained to a custom CBT chair for flogging and is scratched while enjoying his electro predicament and whipping! The final bondage position finds the bound slave on his back with balls bound and stretched, body stretched on the rack. The Ladies change outfits again, and he receives a luscious thigh caning followed by an ass caning.

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