The Joyrider Combo Chair (B955)

The Joyrider Combo Chair

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The JoyRider is a patented sex chair (or rim chair) that provides pleasure for both the sitter and the person underneath. It has more than ample room to accommodate almost any bouncing butt. Caution: only seats one person at a time. Use at your own risk.

Product Details:

  • 1/2" steel pipe handsomely clad in thick black rubber

  • 24" wide and is 18" tall

  • Includes a 12" low rider conversion kit

  • Legs removable and interchangeable

  • Power torqued into chrome-plated iron fittings make our frame solid and strong

  • Springs selected for maximum strength

  • Stores flat

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As featured in Playboy!

In an article called My Love Machine, Master Illusionist Penn Jillette of the famous Vegas show Penn and Teller writes about his patent on his own sex machine. In the process, he sites his favorite modern sex toys, and categorizes the Joyrider as an "Under Butt" device. Thank you Penn for the recommendation!

Important Information

1. Each spring is rated from 73 to 89 lbs., maximum load at 100,000 cycles (bounce). The seats, frame and hardware support 266 lbs. (The weight of a little more than 32 gallons of water!) although not over an extended period of use.
2. When seated on The Joy Rider, ALWAYS keep both of your feet firmly on the floor. The Joy Rider is a chair not a sling, so never allow more than one person to sit on the seat of The Joy Rider at one time. Don’t ever let anyone sit on the lap of the person using the chair.
3. Check the Joy Rider for any signs of stress, cracks, over extended / stretched or sagging springs, or loose joints or fittings. Do not disassemble the upper frame, springs, or hardware.
4. Drugs and alcohol will impair your judgment. Use proper discretion. Call immediately if ANY sign of defect should arise. If you question the safety of your Joy Rider, return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or one year for repair or replacement.
5. Do not clean The Joy Rider with oil based solvents. Do not expose The Joy Rider to the sun, moisture, or extreme heat or cold.

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