The Initiator (E532)


The Initiator
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Stop tiptoeing around and get your ass in shape to play, step by step, on your schedule with The Initiator.

Each part of this 3 piece silicone anal training kit is a sculpted combination butt plug, anal bead-style balls, and prostate massager. Made from 100% platinum cured medical grade silicone, this sex toy is firm, but not stiff, with flexibility for added comfort.

Designed for all levels, from beginner to advanced, this kit allows you to play your way, with just the right amount of toy, designed specifically to stretch your ass out to the size you want.

You've got three sizes to work with, all rated for beginner, intermediate, and expert. Each is made with grooves that capture your favorite lubricant and keep The Initiator slick after you've slathered it with lube.

Product Details:

 • 100% pure platinum cured medical grade silicone

 • Free of Phthalates, Latex, and PVC

 • Odorless and non-toxic

 • Safe with all lubricants


 • Diameter 1.3in/3.3cm

 • Length 5.5in/14cm


 • Diameter 1.8in/4.6cm

 • Length 6.3in/16cm


 • 2.3in/5.8cm

 • 7.5in/19cm

Safety, Care, and Usage:

Can be cleaned with antibacterial soap, soaked in bleach solution, or cleaned in dishwasher. Dry thoroughly before storage.

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