The Bruiser Bulldog Harness (J509)

The Bruiser Bulldog Harness

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This upper body men's leather harness frames your upper torso for a fully strapped look that frames your pecs and shoulders, and fits snugly and comfortably. The chest straps snap close with adjustable nickel-plated snaps that meet just under the armpit, while each shoulder strap features a simple, handsome nickel-plated steel buckle.

This harness comes in 3 sizes, and looks great on its own, or with our Leather Jockstrap or one of our Color Coded Jock Straps!

Find the harness that's right for you!

Product Details:


 • Chest 36-40in/91-102cm


 • Chest 40-44in/102-112cm


 • Chest 44-48in/112-122cm

Made In the USA

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