System Jo Premium Anal Lubricant (D578)

System Jo Premium Anal Lubricant

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System Jo Premium Anal Lubricant is one of the best pharmaceutical grade silicone anal lubricants on the market. Never sticky or tacky this lubricant is made with more viscosity than regular Jo and is latex safe. System Jo has formulated the Premium Anal lubricant with your needs in mind creating a non toxic, non allergenic, fragrance/odor free lubricant which is also an excellent skin conditioner, moisturizer and great for therapeutic massage. Made in the USA.


  • 135ml/4.5 fluid oz

  • 75ml/2.5 fluid oz

Safety, Care and Usage


Polydimethylsiloxane, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethylsiloxane, Hydroxy Terminated.

System Jo Premium Anal Lubricant is very slippery on surfaces, take care if in the bath or shower and clean spills immediately. If discomfort or irritation occurs discontinue use right away and consult a doctor.

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