Sugar Lips Erotic Cosmetics (C682)

Sugar Lips Erotic Cosmetics

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*Whip Me Cream is no longer available

Sugar Lips is a delicious tasting sensual lipstick or nipple gloss. It is the first product of its kind. There is “Lick My Strawberry”, “Pump me Colada” and “Whip me Cream” Lip/Nipple Gloss.

Like a body pen, this product can be used on any part of the body and licked off. Yes, it's edible. It is made from a moisture enriched, high quality formula, and available in three delicious flavors and flattering colors, all erotically scented and sweet.

This product is not tested on any animals other than humans, and it is approved by the FDA. There is no actual sugar in Sugar Lips. The products are sweetened with saccharin so that they can be used anywhere on the body without causing problems. The color lasts, but the darker shades will stay on the longest. All of the colors have good staying power depending on how much kissing is involved.

The mouth is one of the most erotic places on the body and dressing it up with sugar lips enhances an oral experience. These erotic cosmetics are sexy and delicious, look great, and are a lot of fun.

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