StreemMaster Douche System (ME87188)


StreemMaster Douche System

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The StreemMaster is the innovative douche system that connects to any standard shower quickly and easily. It is the only douche system on the market that uses the showers own stream without actually having to connect permanently. It provides a continuous flow of water and has an adjustable flow rate, all at a safer pressure then direct connected systems. The StreemMaster utilizes a drain hose system which allows for excess water pressure to drain. You’ll never have to worry about overly high pressure again!

The kit includes a screw-on full sized nozzle, a 6 foot silicone hose, and instructions. It is also compatible with other nozzles and enema tips. Its funnel bag is made of silicone and will fit large shower head designs (up to 6.5” wide).

The StreemMaster sets up and breaks down in seconds from any shower so it’s completely portable and discreet. The entire kit can be rolled up to a very compact size.

An ingenious design and quality craftsmanship make the StreemMaster an excellent value and a one-of-a-kind product.

Available only in Black(D433)

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