Strange Aeons Ear Charm (F094)


Strange Aeons Ear Charm

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Adorn yourself with an ominous accessory from deep under the sea!

This pewter ear wrap curves up and over the ear 2.4 inches from its pierced-lobe fastening of a surgical steel post. The bottom section of the piece, or the back of the earring post, extends further below the ear an additional 1.1 inches.

The beautiful detailing of a delicate tentacle complete with tiny suction cups could be seen as part of a mysterious kraken, playful octopus or even a miniature manifestation of Cthulhu himself! A perfect gift for fans of Lovecraft, cephalopods and a certain sub-genre of hentai.

Product Details:

 • From Top to Stud 2.38in/6.05cm

 • English Pewter/Surgical Steel Post

 • Sold Individually