Devine Playchest, Black Python with Black Accents

Devine Playchest, Black Python with Black Accents $120.00

Where do you keep your sexy goodies? How do you store them so that they last? Make sure that the toys you’ve invested in are no longer relegated to the sock drawer with the Devine Playchest. This beautiful black faux-snakeskin chest is built to safely, securely, and discreetly pack up your sexy... More >>

PES Executive Travel Case

PES Executive Travel Case $130.00

This rugged travel case is especially designed to safely house and organize your P.E.S. product collection. A heavy-duty metal framed carrying case includes pre-cut foam for easy storage of P.E.S. Electrodes, a More >>

Pink Corset Devine Toy Box

Pink Corset Devine Toy Box $42.00

The Devine Toy Box is an attractive and fashionable place to store your toys, lotions, and lubes in a place that is safe, secure, and discreet. This toy box is styled of faux leather, lace, and satin. The box is 9” long, 4” wide, and 4” tall. The size makes it very convenient for transporting... More >>

Black Toy Bag

Black Toy Bag $38.00

This light, yet sturdy black nylon toybag is a simple, practical bag for carting around various toys and gear.

At 32" long, and 7" diameter, this cylindrical shaped bag will fit most longer toys with ease. It has a 2½" wide adjustable nylon carrying strap, a heavy duty black... More >>

Leather Doctor Bag w/ Handcuff Handles

Leather Doctor Bag w/ Handcuff Handles $184.00

A Stockroom original!

This distinctive doctor-style bag is made from high quality leather, with two sets of handcuffs used for handles. The bag is a roomy 13” by 7” by 7” with a steel zipper.

The handcuffs are connected by a strong steel linked chain and can be... More >>

Nurse Handbag

Nurse Handbag $12.00

Whether you’re toting it around town to hold your lipstick and wallet as part of a costume, or keeping it in your dungeon filled with small medical “necessities,” this lunchbox style nurse’s bag is sure to complete the... More >>

Stockroom/Syren Reusable Shopping Bag

Stockroom/Syren Reusable Shopping Bag $2.00

Now it's easy to be kinky and green with our branded Stockroom/Syren reusable shopping bag.

This handsome and sturdy bag was made especially for our Los Angeles retail boutique for customers looking for a more eco-friendly carrying option than our traditional plastic... More >>