Stockroom University: Kinky Tapas (SULA021415)

Stockroom University: Kinky Tapas

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Saturday, Feb. 14, 2014 2:00–5:00PM
Kinky Tapas
With Ken Mevoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron

Just in time for St Valentine's day, a sampling of 6 different types of play in one class for you and your sweetie. You will get expert instruction with a focus on safety, hygiene, preparation, and execution of the scene. You will also be able to sample a variety of play during the demo portion of the class. Bring your curiosity and a willingness to try something new. You must be 18 years or older to attend. Singles, couples, and poly groups are all welcome.

Topics to be covered include:

 • How to construct a BDSM scene/Role Play
 • Service and slave training
 • Impact play: Floggers, single tails, paddles, punching, and spanking
 • Balloon bondage
 • Edge play: Trigger warning!!! This one is extreme play, not for the weak of heart.
 • Sensory deprivation/Sensation play

About the Facilitators:

Superheroes of sex ed, Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron are partners in every sense of the word. In addition to co-producing Showtime’s Sex with Sunny Megatron together, the couple initially gained recognition writing and teaching about everyone’s favorite subject: SEX. Some of their sell-out workshops include: BDSM 101, Prostate Milking for Beginners, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Sex Toys 101, ZAP! Electric Play: Wands, TENS & More, G-spots & Squirting and How to Give a World Class Blow Job.

Ken Melvoin-Berg is a Chicago based professional pervert, unscripted TV producer, freelance writer, BDSM/sex educator, and male sex toy advocate. He is also the consulting producer/Sharon Osborne of Showtime’s Sex with Sunny Megatron. Ken is an edutainer armed with knowledge of all things sexual, a humorous lecturing style, and a professional background in biology. Ken has been writing and lecturing on these subjects since 1997. Ken is known for his amazing facial hair and tattoos.

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