Stockroom University: Fabulous Fisting (SULA001)


Stockroom University: Fabulous Fisting
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Saturday, April 11, 2015 2:00-5:00PM
Fabulous Fisting
Hosted by Damon Holzum

Fabulous Fisting With Live Demo! Come learn the ins and outs of butt play at this awesome workshop! This is an excellent opportunity to explore how to pleasure yourself and your partners in all things butt. This class will culminate in a live fisting demo putting to use the techniques and tips you have learned in a safe, consensual, sexy environment. This class will encompass such fun ass-centric things such as preparation, relaxation techniques and tricks, the best lubes, the best toys for any and every occasion, as well as the best positions for maximum enjoyment, and how to take it to the next level.

As always, this is a sex-positive class where you're welcome to chat with me about anything under the sun. Get your questions answered and have fun doing it in a safe, fun, sex-positive environment.

About The Instructor:

Damon Holzum is a Los Angeles-based therapist, educator, speaker, and author known for his sex-positive approach encompassing an honest, open, compassionate, and passionate perspective on sex, relationships, and sexuality. Since 2006, Damon has been speaking, educating, and counseling about sex and sexuality through workshops and interactive classes specializing in the de-stigmatization of all things sexual. With a BA in psychology, Damon is completing his Masters in Clinical Therapy/Social Work at CalState Long Beach. Creating safe, open, honest, and welcoming environments to learn about everything from sex and sexuality, to relationships and communication is paramount in Damon’s work. With writings featured in Instigator Magazine, and featured in Frontiers Magazine, as well as being regularly cited by his peers, Damon is well known as a regular speaker at The Stockroom, the Pleasure Chest, as well as the The Village at the LA LGBT Center where his “Sex for Gay Men,” “Hardcore & Alternative Sexual Practices,” “Threesomes and Moresomes,” and “HIV Basics” classes are taught and embraced.

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