Stockroom Originals Gags & Muzzles

The Stockroom holds two different patents for our bondage gag designs: one for the Jawbreaker Gag™ - the first gag made of real candy - and the other for the AVN Award-winning Ballz Gag™, a cock harness that allows you to gag your submissive with your balls and strap their head into place! In addition to these unique styles, we also offer a complete collection of classic bondage gags, including ball gags, bit gags, and open mouth designs.

K9 Muzzle w/ Removable Silicone Ball Gag

K9 Muzzle w/ Removable Silicone Ball Gag $199.00

Designed and created in our Los Angeles workshop, this puppy play accessory is made for those who want to experience animal roleplay outside the restrictive confines of our puppy hoods, this muzzle allows for more facial expression by the wearer, while the removable leather strap and silicone ball... More >>

Institutional Silicone Ball Gag

Institutional Silicone Ball Gag  $28.00 - $30.00

All of you medical fetishists will love the latest addition to our medical line - a sleek, high-quality silicone gag that comes in two sizes.

This gag features a soft, tan leather strap with locking buckle and a soft but firm silicone ball, eliminating the bitter taste most rubber gags... More >>

Over The Mouth Ball Gag

Over The Mouth Ball Gag $28.00 - $30.00

Tired of the same ball and gag look with your whiny sub? Give your sub the look of total secrecy with the new Over The Mouth Ball Gag. This ball gag is sexy enough to take your favorite sub or slave to a classy party in style all the while keeping them quiet.

We use a beautiful,... More >>

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending $46.00

Put your submissive in their place – and KEEP THEM THERE!

That’s the idea behind the Ballz Gag™, the new and original ball gag brought to you exclusively by The Stockroom, where we aim to take your bondage and cbt experiences to new heights. As unique as it is versatile, this... More >>

Leather Head Harness with Muzzle

Leather Head Harness with Muzzle $89.00

This leather harness is held securely in place by 4 straps, 3 chrome buckles, and a collar. It is solidly constructed with 29 chrome rivets and reinforcements.

Also available in More >>

Pink Leather Ball Gag

Pink Leather Ball Gag $32.00

This distinctive ball gag has soft pink leather straps with elegant edging down the length of the straps. Each gag consists of a buckling half-inch wide pink leather strap and a classic red non-toxic rubber ball.

Looks great with the matching Pink Wrist Restraints, Ankle Restraints,... More >>

Locking Ball Gag

Locking Ball Gag $38.00 - $44.00

This deluxe locking ball gag consists of a rubber plate with a short rubber post extending from it. Mounted on the post is a ball, approximately 1½" in diameter.

The plate, post and ball are mounted onto a leather strap which buckles securely around the head and fits... More >>

Classic Trainer Ball Gag

Classic Trainer Ball Gag $67.00

The ball fixture on this gag consists of a classic 1.87 inch rubber ball with one strip of leather that has been inserted into a fitted slot in the ball. The ball fits all the way into the mouth. The leather strap buckles quite securely around the head with a locking buckle. In addition to the... More >>

Locking Trainer Ball Gag

Locking Trainer Ball Gag $57.00 - $69.50 | SALE: $44.95 - $69.50

Regular Price: $57.00
Sale Price: $44.95!

This trainer-style gag has a ball mounted on a post coming out of a plate, all made of rubber. There is one leather strap which buckles and locks securely behind... More >>

Locking Ball Gag w/ Dildo Ring

Locking Ball Gag w/ Dildo Ring $48.00 - $55.00

Starting with the original Locking Ball Gag design, which features a locking, black leather strap and a non-toxic black rubber ball mouthpiece, we have added a dildo ring to the front of the gag, giving the option of strapping a dildo onto the front. The nickel-plated ring is 2"... More >>

Trainer Ball Gag w/ Dildo Ring

Trainer Ball Gag w/ Dildo Ring $68.00 | SALE: $48.00

Starting with the original Locking Trainer Ball Gag design, which features a locking, black leather strap and a non-toxic black rubber ball mouthpiece, we have added a dildo ring to the front of the gag, giving you the option of strapping a dildo on to the front.

The nickel-plated ring... More >>

Rubber Bit Gag

Rubber Bit Gag $29.00

Our horse-bit style gag is flattering to the face; comfortable for long-term wear; and a great fit for smaller mouths. Natural latex mouthpiece is soft against the teeth; thick, oil-tanned leather straps are resistant to bodily fluids and have smooth, finished edges that won’t cut... More >>

Rubber Bit Trainer Gag

Rubber Bit Trainer Gag $45.00 | SALE: $29.95

The Rubber Bit Trainer Gag is an adjustable, locking bit gag in a head-harness style. This item uses a stylish rubber horse-bit for the mouthpiece, much like The Rubber Bit Gag, but this trainer version... More >>

O-Ring Gag

O-Ring Gag $32.00

This is a simple ring gag, consisting of a metal O-Ring wrapped in thin leather, attached to cinch straps that pull the ring tightly into the mouth, keeping it open.

The straps can be adjusted as desired, and are secured by looping one of the straps through two D-rings.

Please... More >>

Rubber Head Harness w/ Muzzle

Rubber Head Harness w/ Muzzle $135.00

Heavy 30-gauge latex rubber wraps snugly around the face. This harness is held securely in place by 4 straps, 3 chrome buckles, and a collar. It is solidly constructed with 29 chrome rivets and canvas re-enforcements.

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Jawbreaker Gag (TM) Patent Pending

Jawbreaker Gag (TM) Patent Pending $6.95 - $36.95

The new patent-pending Jawbreaker Gag™ offers a sweet variation on an item long utilized in fetish sex. Rather than strapping the classic rubber ball into the mouth, this new version uses a ball made from real, edible jawbreaker candy.

Sweet and fun, but also functional... More >>

The Jawbreaker Gag (PVC)

The Jawbreaker Gag (PVC) $12.95

This new and improved version of our Patent Pending Jawbreaker Gag™ is simpler and more colorful than its leather predecessor. Rather than a metal bit and leather straps, this gag consists of the PVC strap threaded through a plastic tube directly through the candy.

This makes... More >>