Steve Diet Goedde, Kumi Postcard Collection (19586)

Steve Diet Goedde, Kumi Postcard Collection

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World renowned fetish photographer Steve Diet Goedde (pronounced Diet Geddy) has released a “greatest hits” collection of photographs featuring international fetish model & performer Kumi. The collection of images, hand-selected personally by Steve and Kumi, includes 8 black and white photos printed on large-format 5”x7” postcards and are beautifully presented in vellum packaging.

About Steve Diet Goedde

Steve Diet Goedde has been at the forefront of fine art erotic photography for over 15 years. His work was lovingly assembled in two hardcover books, The Beauty of Fetish: Volumes I & II (Edition Stemmle) which are considered erotic classics. In 2005, his DVD anthology, Living Through Steve Diet Goedde (Slish Pix), was released with critical acclaim and strong sales which continue to this day.

"Steve Diet Goedde goes beyond the erotic eye into the beholder's, the one who lives for beauty rather than carnality, turning what could be perverse, sublime. The photographs are exquisite, for we are fortunate enough to look through the lens as Steve for a moment, and see a world as glorious as this." - MARGARET CHO

Steve Diet Goedde's photographs symbolize an era that has eagerly embraced fetish garments as both high and low fashion. In his images we find a private, magical world filled with anticipation. His exploration of fetish is more than mere disembodied fragments -- a feeling of intimacy and pleasure pervades his work. Unlike many fetish photographers, Goedde steps away from the contrived manipulation of the object or model in order to capture a simple grace and beauty in his photographs. - TATNUCK BOOKSELLERS

About Kumi

Kumi, acclaimed fetish/bondage model & performer, has been traveling the world over 10 years showcasing her love for fetish fashion. Kumi has worked and performed in numerous cities/countries including London, Stockholm, Athens, Tokyo, Berlin, Warsaw and more.

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