Stainless Steel Wrist Cuffs (E986)

Stainless Steel Wrist Cuffs

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Sometimes, bondage devices coddle subs with comfort and an easy way out...not so with Rapture's Stainless Steel Wrist Cuffs!

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel throughout, these cuffs make any erotic use into an extra weighty affair. The cuffs are kept closely together with a carabiner that loops through the rings on either side for a secure and restraining experience, also giving the possibility of clipping on your favorite chain or leash for an extra degree of control or humiliation. The only way to open these serious shackles up is by using the included allen wrench to remove the sturdy screw that holds each side together, so subs stay bound until their punishment is over.

For a prime immobilizing experience, look no further!

Product Details:

 •Circumference: 7.5in/19cm

 •Height: 1.5in/4cm

 •Cuff to cuff distance: 4in/10cm

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