Stainless Steel Collar (E978)

Stainless Steel Collar
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With its simple and stunning design, this stainless steel collar assures compliance from the neck down.

When taking control of a submissive playmate, a dom needs more than just the illusion of restraint; this circular stainless steel collar assures that no premature escape is possible, because it is secured shut with a sunken Phillips head screw in a conforming hinge that gives a sleek and flush appearance.

An attached lead ring opens up plenty of BDSM and fantasy possibilities by allowing users to add chains, leashes, and other immobilizing tools that can help to lead a sub around the dungeon by the neck or keep your naughty ones exactly where you left them.

This piece even has great function in between kinky activities, as it is polished to such an even shine that it will attract countless compliments when worn as jewelry. Whether for play or display, satisfaction is assured from this durable collar.

Product Details:

 • Circumference: 15.5in/39cm

 • Diameter: 4.75in/12 cm

 • Weight: 14oz/0.4kg

 • Screwdriver Included!

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