Spring Loaded Mouth Gag (E033)


Spring Loaded Mouth Gag
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Want to play a game? This deliciously depraved spring-loaded mouth gag is every bit as insidious as it looks.

Simply squeeze the metal tabs on the gag until you can fit the plastic cups between your partner’s canines (their pointy teeth) and let this contraption do the rest: They won’t be able to compress the gag by biting down, and every time they relax their jaw, the spring will take up the slack, until their mouth is 3 inches wide open. There is little pressure placed on the jaw, so your partner can play along as long as you want them to, without worrying about fatigue. Once they’re ready for release, depress the outer tabs and the gag unfastens. As it rests to one side of the mouth, there is plenty of access for oral play, or you could add a matching gag to the other side to frame their fearful symmetry.

With its menacing look and unsympathetic mechanism, this gag is perfect for Bondage and Domination, medical fetishists, or anyone looking to add some excitement to their oral sex life. Although the plastic caps are safer than plain steel retractors and spreaders, care should always be taken when placing metal devices in yours or your partner’s mouth.

Product Details:

 • Total extension: 3 in (7.6 cm)

 • Stainless steel with plastic caps

Please Note: Sold individually

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