Soaked by Joseph Bean (B897)

Soaked by Joseph Bean

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Soaked! is full of Erotic stories of piss play and guidelines to make getting soaked or satisfying your thirst safer, wilder and more enjoyably.

How complicated can a little Water Sports action be? It's our attraction to that warm wetness that noted author and historian Joseph Bean takes a goggle-eyed look at here.

From the bad to the good and the really, really good, Soaked is written in a no nonsense style, presenting some of the finer points of play, in addition to some hot artwork, a little history, golden fiction and even a quote from Benjamin Franklin! So if you're going to get wet, get Soaked.

--Tim Brough, author of Black Gloves, White Magic and Sgt. Vlengles' Revenge

Pages: 157
ISBN: 1887895396

Joseph W. Bean is among the most active writers, editors, and lecturers in the field of radical sex. He is a regular university guest lecturer, has appeared on national television, and maintains a schedule averaging 65 educational events each year. He is also the author of Leathersex and Leathersex Q&A.

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