Shoroq Cat O‘ Nine Tails (QU01680)


Shoroq Cat O‘ Nine Tails

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This Cat O’ Nine Tails is made by the finest whip maker in Eastern Europe. This whip is made with fine heavily conditioned leather that is soft with the feel of garment leather yet thick like Latigo. The braids are constructed in perfect symmetry and soft like a suede flogger with a perfect round cord shape.

A blow from the Cat of Nine Tails is unique in that each tail spreads out to make contact at the same time making more surface contact with your target. Each tail is braided from 4 belts of soft leather and carries out significantly more force because of their weight. This impact in combination with the weight deeply penetrates the tissue and affects the muscle underneath as well as the skin itself.

The tails of the whip braids have a complicated pattern of weaving and have no knots at their ends. This makes for a very smooth even strike with much more control after impact. The ends are finished with a slit and slip-through method for finishing the braid. Despite lacking knots, the whip does not untie and can take 500 hits on the bark of a tree. These whips are perfectly balanced and have the flight dynamic of a single tail whip. Above the knot at the top of the handle is a ring of thick leather fringe added as decoration.

Being made available for the first time in North America by The Stockroom, this whip is great for BDSM impact play and is less likely to lacerate the skin than other nine tail whips as it has more of a thudding impact verses a sting.

Product Details:

• Total Length 27in/68.6cm

• Thong 19.5in/49.5cm

• Plates 2.5in/6.3cm

• Loop 2.5in/6.3cm

Safety and Usage
Whips should only be handled by experienced handler. You will hit yourself on the head, arms and back while practicing, please seek out a professional for training so you don’t do any permanent damage to yourself or loved ones. If you are going to practice on your own, use proper safety gear; goggles, wide brim hat and a scarf or other neck protector. Paper targets are best to start with.

To keep your whip in shape and a long life take care of it. The worst thing you can do is get it dirty and wet. Both dirt and water will damage the whip and ruin it pretty quickly. On the other hand, not all leather oils are good for your whips either; they are design to soften leather and keep it moist, which would be bad as we’ve already pointed out. If you want to break in your whip then just use it.

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