SeXmas Sale Gifts for Couples

Foreplay Ice Chill Massager

Foreplay Ice Chill Massager $31.50 | SALE: $19.50

The purest form of temperature play; experience the delicious shock of vibrating ice on skin with the Ice Chill foreplay massager!

Fill the silicone base with water, then slip the massager bulb in, and place in the freezer. Gently peel back the base, and a smooth knobbed bulb of ice... More >>

Shower Sex Cuffs

Shower Sex Cuffs $36.50 | SALE: $19.50

The Sex In The Shower Suction Handcuffs lends a new take on watersports! The suction cups are industrial strength and the waterproof neoprene cuffs are comfy and secure with Velcro. Whether you prefer your bath time sex standing up or in a reclined position, these adjustable bondage cuffs are sure... More >>

Shower Sex Foot Rest

Shower Sex Foot Rest $16.50 | SALE: $9.50

The Sex In The Shower Single Locking Suction Foot Rest is one of the most useful shower sex tools around. This sturdy, secure, foot rest is ideal for preventing slips in the shower during hot sex action! Because you can place this device anywhere in your shower, its position is fully customizable... More >>

Shower Sex Double Grip

Shower Sex Double Grip $15.00 | SALE: $12.00

The Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle is made to provide instant hand holds in the shower or bath for kinky steamy fun. Just position the handle where you need it, grab on tight, and enjoy yourself without worrying about slips or spills in slippery situations. This device takes the... More >>

The Cocksucker's Mirror

The Cocksucker‘s Mirror $36.00 | SALE: $28.00

One of our most requested products makes its proud return…please welcome back The Cocksucker’s Mirror!

Give them an eyeful with this oval innovation, a cock accessory that makes them watch their facial expressions, tongue movements, and more as they greedily service your cock. Great... More >>

Deluxe Door Jam Kit

Deluxe Door Jam Kit $51.00 | SALE: $39.00

A doorway can be an excellent place to do a little bondage. Now you can enjoy it while saving your doors and doorways from marks and hardware.

Over-the-Door Cuffs are high quality velcro based sportscuffs with tethers that have a short plastic tube at the end. Throw them... More >>

Door Jam Sex Sling

Door Jam Sex Sling $60.85 | SALE: $40.00

Like a little suspension with your sex? The Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling gives you leverage whenever and wherever you want it! Lightweight and portable, this sex sling is as comfortable as it is sturdy, featuring soft padded seats, a foot support system and hand grips for a secure fit. Take a... More >>

Doggie Style Strap

Doggie Style Strap $16.75 | SALE: $11.00

This strap is handy for enhancing “Doggie Style” -position sex. A soft pad with a sturdy nylon strap lifts the pelvis for more control and deeper penetration.

Comfortable and easy to use, the strap has a handle with an adjustable buckle at each end. Machine washable. From... More >>

G-Spot Link

G-Spot Link $29.95 | SALE: $19.95

The G-Spot Link is a black nylon strap with neoprene ankle cuffs that makes hitting the G-spot easier and more accurate than ever before. You can use the G-Spot Link to tilt the hips and enter the vaginal canal or anus from a new angle making penetration deeper and more satisfying... More >>

We-Vibe II Couples Massager

We-Vibe II Couples Massager $99.99 | SALE: $74.99

The Stockroom is proud to announce the arrival of the We-Vibe II, a new and improved follow-up to the best-selling WeVibe. This revolutionary product is the first-ever G-spot toy that can be used simultaneously while making love. The innovative and unique design allows for both external and... More >>

Renegade Vibrating Men's Ring

Renegade Vibrating Men‘s Ring $18.40 | SALE: $11.00

Deceptively elegant, the Renegade Vibrating Men’s Ring is a masterpiece of erotic design from NS Novelties that gives extra pleasure to oneself and/or one’s partner, while prolonging and intensifying the male orgasm. This little Renegade features two soft, super-stretchy rings of phthalate-free,... More >>

Furry Handcuffs

Furry Handcuffs $15.00 | SALE: $12.00

These handcuffs are perfect for fun, lighthearted bondage. Though they come with a set of functioning keys, each cuff has a quick release as well, making them easy to get out of.

The cuffs can be used with or without the soft, faux fur sleeves. Best suited for small to... More >>

KinkLab Padded Blindfold

KinkLab Padded Blindfold $12.95 | SALE: $9.00

The contoured padding in side this sexy blindfold makes it comfortable for long-term wear, because it won't press on eyes or smudge makeup. The smooth elastic band has a satin finish that won't snag hair and... More >>

Satin Blindfold

Satin Blindfold $9.00 | SALE: $7.00

There are so many intricate blindfolds on the market that look great but never seem to work properly. This one is extremely simple, made of silky satin with a light and comfortable padded lining and two elastic strips to help it stay on. One size fits... More >>

Under The Bed Restraint System

Under The Bed Restraint System $68.00 | SALE: $48.00

If you have a bed with no bedposts, this set is for you. The Under the Bed Restraint System turns your bed into a bondage playground. Simply slide the straps under any mattress, and position them around the bed to create various bondage possibilities.

The kit includes four... More >>

Body Wax Massage Candles, 4oz

Body Wax Massage Candles, 4oz $17.50 | SALE: $12.50

Enjoy candle wax play, massage, and aromatherapy all in one exquisite little candle. Made simply of soy wax and fragrance, these Body Wax Massage Candles burn cleaner and at a lower temperature than standard paraffin candles, and are perfect for hot (warm, actually) wax play.

Light one... More >>

Kinklab Neon Wand (R) Electrosex Kit Red/Black Handle

Kinklab Neon Wand (R) Electrosex Kit Red/Black Handle $150.00 | SALE: $99.00

The Red Handle Neon Wand® is the latest version of Kinklab's innovative Neon Wand Electrosex Kit, a device which creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin. The electricity produces sensations over a broad range, from a pleasurably warm tingling, to a more intense, focused... More >>

KinkLab Neon Wand Accessory Kit

KinkLab Neon Wand Accessory Kit $88.00 | SALE: $52.00

Get more spark with the Neon Wand Accessory Kit! 8 different attachments give you lots of room for experimentation, perfect for those who get off on variety.

Light up your scene with a dazzling glow from each of these quality crafted electrode attachments.

Each kit... More >>

Plus Size Beginner's Strap-On

Plus Size Beginner‘s Strap-On $40.00 | SALE: $30.00

Enjoy strap-on play in comfort with Sportsheets Beginner’s Strap-On harness!

Its soft fabric construction minimizes any distraction during use, and it’s versatile with its included interchangeable O-rings that accommodate a multitude of dildos or other flared-base insertables. More >>

La Femme Strap On

La Femme Strap On $159.00 | SALE: $99.00

This leather strap-on is the perfect combination of yin and yang. The front and back of the strap-on has pink zippered edging framed with soft and sexy ruffles of thin leather. Two back straps frame the buttocks, while two pink leather bows attached to each strap provide a touch of soft... More >>

Le Butch Strap On (R)

Le Butch Strap On (R) $149.00 | SALE: $79.00

You'll feel sexy and powerful in this black leather strap-on with silver hardware. The front and back of the strap-on is trimmed in flirtatious zippered edging, giving it a masculine flair. Two back straps frame the buttocks, leaving your genitals exposed, allowing you and your... More >>

Malibu Terra Firma Dildo Harness (R)

Malibu Terra Firma Dildo Harness (R) $44.95 | SALE: $24.95

This dildo harness is identical to the regular Terra Firma® Dildo harness but it is made out of nylon faced neoprene with poly–webbing straps, and its buckles are made from sturdy black plastic. Its changeable O-ring allows for use w/ large dildos up to 3” diameter with base. Harness base can also... More >>

Thigh-On Dildo Harness

Thigh-On Dildo Harness $42.00 | SALE: $21.00

Are you ready to discover a whole new angle on "lap dancing?"

When most of us think of a strap-on dildo harness, we think of the classic style which allows a woman to strap a dildo in front of her pubic region, where the penis would be on a man. But there are other options, and many... More >>

Tantus Flame Silicone Dildo/Harness Kit w/ Vibe

Tantus Flame Silicone Dildo/Harness Kit w/ Vibe $93.00 | SALE: $53.00

The Tantus Flame Silicone Dildo Harness Kit includes a super low-riding strap-on with a fuzzy, deep purple velvet front and highly adjustable nylon straps. It comes with a color-coordinated shimmery purple dildo with flames etched along the shaft. This wonderful hypoallergenic silicone dildo is... More >>

Expert Guide To Pegging

Expert Guide To Pegging $29.95 | SALE: $24.95

From back of DVD:

Starring: Dylan Ryan, Wolf Hudson, Jiz Lee, Mickey Mod, Jada Fire, and Christian, special appearance by Tristan Taormino

Written, Directed, and Hosted by Tristan Taormino

Pegging (where women use strap-on dildos on their male... More >>

Vac-U-Lock Knuckle Up

Vac-U-Lock Knuckle Up $15.95 | SALE: $12.00

The power role will truly be in your grasp when you wrap your fingers around this sturdy black tool molded to look like strict knuckle dusters.

From Doc Johnson comes this exciting new take on a handheld harness. Simply attach any Vac-U-Lock dildo to the rod in the center and you're... More >>

The Wave Vac-U-Lock Dildo

The Wave Vac-U-Lock Dildo  $42.00 | SALE: $33.00

We've got something new for you to ride in the form of the simple yet effective Wave, a silicone dildo that can easily be popped into a harness or used with any Vac-U-Lock compatible products.

Its modest size makes it great for beginners while its sleek, curvy design bumps the action up... More >>

The Legend Silicone Dildo

The Legend Silicone Dildo $38.00 | SALE: $29.00

The Legend lives up to its name and belongs in your collection for many reasons. For starters, the flared base makes it perfectly compatible with your harness. It's on the shorter but thicker side, giving the receiver a feeling of fullness. The ridged shaft begins with a wide base and tapers up to... More >>

The Only Silicone Dildo

The Only Silicone Dildo $36.00 | SALE: $28.00

Take away the frills, the bells and whistles and you're left with the wonderfully modern 'The Only'. Large dildos equipped with countless textures and shapes aren't for everyone, making The Only the one to get the job done. Sleek and refined, it comes with a flared base and gently tapered shaft.... More >>

Purity 2 Dildo

Purity 2 Dildo $29.00 | SALE: $19.00

It's the best of both worlds! The Purity 2 by Blush combines a luxurious texture with a tantalizing shape contoured for perfect G-spot stimulation.

A cute heart shaped base allows it to free-stand awaiting your invitation, guarantees safety during anal play, and makes it compatible for... More >>

Foreplay Ice Frost Massager

Foreplay Ice Frost Massager $28.50 | SALE: $19.50

The thrill of temperature play, without the drips! This vibrating, waterproof ice massager keeps the frozen payload behind a layer of cool, nubbed silicone, for provocatively frosty foreplay titillation.

The erotic sensation of ice on skin is heightened when you engage the integrated... More >>

Starburst Feather Tickler

Starburst Feather Tickler $7.99 | SALE: $5.99

Six inches of fluffy feathers are clustered on a wand for tickling. The black wand is 15" long and made of slightly flexible... More >>

Ostrich Feather Tickler

Ostrich Feather Tickler $7.99 | SALE: $5.99

A fluffy cluster of 12"-14" Ostrich feathers are attached to a 19" flexible black plastic handle. Use this tickler for a light erotic tickling sensation, or for tickling... More >>

Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples, (Violet Blue)

Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples, (Violet Blue) $19.00 | SALE: $14.00

This book is written for the fetishist, for their lovers and for anyone who wants to make a fetish into a sex toy. Or, to maximize a fetish, figure out if you have a fetish, how to talk about it with a lover, "come out" about your fetish, or find community—or just hot porn. Most everyone has a... More >>

Kama Sutra Getaway Kit

Kama Sutra Getaway Kit $35.00 | SALE: $29.00

Introducing the ideal travel companion. This collection of Kama Sutra products fits nicely into your luggage and carry-on and are perfectly sized under 3.4 oz to meet the flight regulatory... More >>

JO 4. Oz Sensual Massage Oil

JO 4. Oz Sensual Massage Oil $22.99 - $23.99 | SALE: $14.99

System Jo Sensual Massage Glide is a bottle you’ll reach for repeatedly. It’s a concentrated massage oil, allowing two bodies to move together with ease. It’s a lubricant, safe for vaginal and anal lubrication. It’s also a skin and tattoo conditioner, fortified with vitamin E to leave your skin... More >>

Handcuff Necklace with Rhinestones

Handcuff Necklace with Rhinestones  $9.50 | SALE: $6.50

Presenting The Handcuff Necklace with Rhinestones, the newest and most glamorous piece of bdsm/fetish themed jewelry we carry. Perfect for a fashionable night out on the town or as the... More >>

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori)

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori) $17.99 | SALE: $12.99

This delightfully twisted new volume by acclaimed writer and sex educator Midori titillates as well as educates. Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink takes erotic adventure to a personal level and exposes some of Midori's most helpful and empowering secrets.

Let the world famous Midori... More >>

Secret Sexual Positions (Stubbs, Ph.D.)

Secret Sexual Positions (Stubbs, Ph.D.) $16.95 | SALE: $13.95

This new, lavishly illustrated guidebook by the bestselling author of Erotic Massage takes readers on a tour of sexual practices throughout the ages. Drawing on a rich variety of cultures and eras, Secret Sexual Positions provides methods that can open us to forgotten or undiscovered... More >>

The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys

The Adventurous Couple‘s Guide to Sex Toys $14.95 | SALE: $11.95

Feeling adventurous? In this witty and well-informed consumer guide, bestselling author and sex educator Violet Blue shows how to choose and use sex toys to play and explore together-and have mind-blowing sex. She leads couples through the maze of sex toys on the market, explaining the many options... More >>