Sex and Metal Silicone Dragon Tail Whip "The Serpent" (E161)

Sex and Metal Silicone Dragon Tail Whip "The Serpent"

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Sex and Metal combines two contrasting materials – hard, cold steel and flexible, stretchy silicone – in one very dynamic flogger! Dragon tail floggers like these – which have a single tail made of a rolled piece of soft material like leather, rubber, or silicone – can pack quite a wallop, since the broad single fall doesn’t distribute the force of the blow among multiple tails. Used full force, the impact of a dragontail flogger feels rather like a rolled wet towel being whipped across the skin – heavy but sharp at the same time. Though dragontails can be good for beginners to learn on because it’s easier to control the aim of the single fall, a silicone dragon tail flogger like this one is probably best used upon heavier submissives, since the elastic quality of the silicone gives it an extra sting, like the snap of a rubber band.

Like Sex and Metal’s other high-quality BDSM whips and floggers, this one is entirely handcrafted. The hollow, brushed steel handle has etched accents at either end, with two small spikes decorating the end where the fall meets the handle. The handle is capped with a steel ring that features a leather loop to hang your flogger on a hook when not in use.

Product Details:

  • Handle Length: 6in./15.2 cm

  • Fall Length: 20in./50.8cm

  • Available in Black or White Silicone.

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