Sex and Metal Ostrogoth Choker (E051)

Sex and Metal Ostrogoth Choker

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This stunning and sexy steel choker accentuates the neck and cleavage of the wearer beautifully. This chain choker features a frontspiece of two spikes welded to a curved steel plate, with a pendant dangling from a loop on the plate which emphasizes the breasts. This captivating piece of jewelry creates a fierce, fashionable, and fetching look that's sure to turn heads and raise eyebrows.

Product Details:

• Available in: Steel

• Pendant may be removed or replaced with many chain-clasp accessories (Additional accessories not included)

• Length of choker is 14.5in/36.8cm

• Plate is 1.5in/3.8cm high by 4.2in/10.5cm curved length

• Length of hanging chain and pendant is approximately 6in/15.3cm

• Chain is chrome-plated steel, plate and spikes are powder coated steel.

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