Sex and Metal Control Leash (E496R)

Sex and Metal Control Leash

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The Sex and Metal Leash is a collar, lead, and leash set made of premium cold rolled steel. It’s thirteen inches long, and has a rigid lead with a sturdy steel collar and handle.

This piece of BDSM equipment is quite different than your standard leash and collar sex toy. The collar is adjustable and it’s perfect for keeping your slave, pet, toy, or puppy person at a sexy but disciplined distance. Once your submissive is collared, the attached stiff lead resembles a leash pole, similar to those used by animal control.

All Sex and Metal products are made from the highest quality premium cold rolled steel for increased toughness and improved finish. The process used in the creation of this item may cause it to develop a unique surface pattern over time, but will not affect the quality of the item.

Product Details

  • Collar Diameter: 5 in (12.7cm)

  • Collar Circumference: 15.7 in (39.9cm)

  • Leash Length: 13 in (33cm)

Safety, Care and Usage

Clean and disinfect this product with alcohol wipes, and allow this piece to air dry completely before storing. Always play safely.

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