Sex and Metal Flogger "The Needler" (E916-Z)

Sex and Metal Flogger "The Needler"

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Pester or please your misbehaving little subs with Sex and Metal's Needler Flogger. A hollow, powder coated brushed raw steel handle gives you a lightweight yet firm grip so you can rain down punishment without fatigue. Serious spikes top off the royally painful looking handle, which is shaped into an orb that tapers into a viciously angular point. The long leather tails have a natural, grained appearance which serves as a reminder that this flogger was created of, by, and for painful pursuits. So the next time that you really want to drive your point home, with The Needler in hand you're sure to be listened to!

Product Details:

 • Handle Length: 7in./17.8cm

 • Ring: 1in./2.54cm

 • Fall Length: 20in./50.8cm

 • Available in Natural Steel and Candy Apple Red

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