Sex and Metal Flogger "The Hydra" (E159)

Sex and Metal Flogger "The Hydra"

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This stunning flogger from Sex and Metal features about 20 supple silicone falls that have an extra sting, thanks to the elastic quality of the silicone, which feels a little like rubber bands snapping against the skin. The richly-hued, powder coated steel handle is candy apple red, and has a solid steel ball capping one end, to give it the perfect weight and balance. Braided steel wraparound detail adds texture that is both decorative and practical, as it allows fingers to grasp the handle more securely. Four small spikes circle the end where the handle meets the falls, giving this flogger a fierce look that matches its sharp bite.

Like Sex and Metal’s other top quality BDSM products, this gorgeous flogger is entirely hand-crafted. Though the silicone blades give this toy the crisp sting that rubber whips are known for, they make it a safer choice for those sensitive to natural latex.

Product Details:

  • Handle Length: 9in./22.9cm

  • Fall Length: 20in./50.8cm

  • Available in Black or White Silicone

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