Sex and Metal Finger Floggers (E119)

Sex and Metal Finger Floggers
Style and Color:

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Put your whole arm into delivering the perfect lash with these finger floggers. Black leather finger grips run through a steel ring that has been welded onto a short, powder coated steel tube. Four small steel spikes are mounted on the end of the tube as the soft leather fall pours out of the open end. These distinctly designed floggers enable you to deliver a unique range of motions and sensations from mild to the hard lash. These floggers are available in two colors and two sizes.

Sold in pairs. Strand count in both models is approximate. Exact count may vary slightly.

Available colors:

  • Red

  • Clear-Coat Steel

Available in:

  • 20 Strands

  • 40 Strands


  • Handle Width: 1in./2.54cm

1.25 in./3.175cm

  • Handle Length: 2in./5.08cm

  • Ring: 1in./2.54cm

  • Fall Length: 20in./50.8cm

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