Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "The Titan" (E282-Z)


Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "The Titan"

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Like some powerful warrior from a faraway land, here’s a novel use of modern materials that ought to be be quite exciting for flogging enthusiasts of the old school.

The Titan Silicone Dragon Tail Whip by Sex and Metal consists of a rolled slab of thick, high quality silicone, tapered to a stinging point at the far end. The base of the fall is secured inside a medieval-styled handle of brushed steel featuring a design of welded braids and spikes to intimidate its foe.

Despite its mighty appearance, the Dragon Tail weighs in at just under a pound, and is very easy to control while swinging it in a big arc. Get ready to inflict a startling variety of sensations as you smack, crack, tingle, tickle and spank your lucky victim.

Experiment with this fearsome implement and we think you’ll find it an extremely useful addition to any well-appointed dungeon or SM playroom.

  Product Details:

 • Available in black or white silicone

 • Handle in silver tone or metallic red

 • Handle Length: 9in/22.9cm

 • Length of Fall: approx. 19in/48.3cm

 • Handle Diameter: 1in/2.54cm

 • Weight: 15oz/425.2g

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