Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "Silicone Spirit" (E876)

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "Silicone Spirit"
Handle Color:

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This dragon tail whip is made from a single thick sheet of silicone rolled into lily shape for a sharp, precise sting. The traditional Sex and Metal twin spike crowned handle is adorned with a new abstract relief pattern.

The single silicone lash gives you a level of control and precision that make it ideal for those who want a strong, focused strike with a welt-raising impact that comes courtesy of the silicone tail's excellent conservation of kinetic energy. This item is currently only available with a black silicone dragon tail.

The brushed and powder-coated steel handle is decorated with a series of raised abstract shapes that give the wielder a stronger grip with a very satisfying texture and weight. The end of each handle contains a welded steel o-ring with a short leather lanyard attached for easy hanging and storage.

Product Details:

 • Handle length: 7in/17.8cm

 • Handle diameter: 1 in/2.5cm

 • Handle circumference: 3.25in/8.25cm

 • Tail length: 18in/45.7cm

 • Constructed of powder coated steel and silicone

 • Handle available in Steel or Red

Please note that each Sex and Metal device is hand crafted, which may result in small variations in size and shape. All measurements are approximate.

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