Sex and Metal Debilitator (E473)

Sex and Metal Debilitator

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Simple, yet sinister, these ingenious restraints are a unique addition to any stable of BDSM gear, and a perfect companion piece to any other Sex and Metal items!

Rather than binding the wrist or ankle in restrictive materials, the Debilitator goes to the heart of the matter, pinning and disabling the forearm or calf of your sub for total temporary immobilization. Slip the steel band around the extremity you wish to immobilize, adjust the stakes and screws to apply firm, even pressure around the appropriate muscles. Turn set screw until it stays in place.

That's all there is to it. Without breaking skin or securing a lock, you've managed to completely paralyze your sub's limb. The effect is uncomfortable, but not overly painful, which makes it a great tool for training and light-to-intense discipline.

Product Details:

 • Sold in pairs

 • Inner Diameter 5in/12.7cm

 • Circumference 15.7in/39.9

 • Manufactured in Los Angeles

Safety, Care, and Usage:

All Sex and Metal products are made from the highest quality premium cold-rolled steel for increased toughness and improved finish. The process used in the creation of this item may cause it to develop a unique surface pattern over time, but will not affect the quality of the item. Clean and disinfect with alcohol wipes, and allow this piece to air dry completely before storing. Be careful to avoid using stakes on bones or nerves.

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