Sex and Metal Crescent Choker (E049)

Sex and Metal Crescent Choker

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This stunning and sexy steel choker accentuates the neck and cleavage of the wearer beautifully. An innovative new design, the chain links two steel plates worn on the sides of the neck, rather than directly in the front. Welded to each of these plates is a crescent-shaped spike, while a polished pendant hangs from a chain from the choker itself down between the breasts. The overall effect is both severe and sensual, teasingly suggesting, "Touch me...if you dare!"

Product Details:

• Available in two colors: Red and Steel

• Pendant may be removed or replaced with many chain-clasp accessories

• Length of choker is 17in/43.2cm

• Plates are 1in/2.6cm wide by 2in/5.1cm long

• Length of hanging chain and pendant is approximately 6in/15.3cm

• Chain is chrome-plated steel, plate and spikes are powder coated steel.

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