Sex and Metal Basket Case Cuffs (E920-Z)

Sex and Metal Basket Case Cuffs

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Slaves and subs take note: Sex and Metal are ready to keep you immobilized and out of trouble with their new Basket Case Cuffs.

Other restraints may give some freedom of movement to the hands, but this single raw steel unit ensures that they won't go anywhere that you don't want them to. A seriously twisted center echoes the dark intentions of whomever is giving the orders. Oval shaped holes allow for adjustable restraint for most sizes of wrists, while secure screws on the sides make sure that nobody escapes until playtime is over!

*Red currently out of stock

Product Details:

 • Total length of device: 10in./24cm

 • Total width of device: 4.5in./11.4cm

 • Maximum width of wrist cuff: 3in./7.6cm

 • Minimum width of wrist cuff: 1.25in./3.2cm

 • Clean and disinfect with alcohol wipes

 • Available in Candy Apple Red and Natural Steel

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