Sex and Metal Silicone Serpent Tongue "The Vanquisher" (E837-Z)


Sex and Metal Silicone Serpent Tongue "The Vanquisher"

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Rattle your favorite slave into submission by giving an intimate encounter with the wild fury of the "Silicone Slitherer" serpent tongue whip!

Adorned with stainless steel spikes on the sides, this whip will hiss through the air with ease due to its light weight; the powder coated brushed raw steel handle is hollow to ensure that long sentences in the dungeon are full of punishment.

Despite the overall mean look of the handle, it is capped with a convenient ring and loop that make hanging it up or wearing it on a belt easy. Don't be fooled by the fact that the whip portion of this piece is white; because it is silicone, animals weren't hurt to make it, but the coiled and sharply pointed whip are made with the absolute darkest of intentions in mind. Cold-blooded and unforgiving, the "Silicone Slitherer" is ready to strike!

Product Details:

 • Handle Length: 6in/15.3cm

 • Ring: 1in/2.54cm

 • Fall length: 17in/42cm

 • Available in Natural Steel and Candy Apple Red