Sensuous Magic (Patrick Califia) (A522)

Sensuous Magic (Patrick Califia)

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For all couples interested in bondage, S/M, dominance and submission - women and men of all sexual orientations and genders.

Topics include:

How to introduce bondage, spanking, whipping, and other S/M techniques into your relationship; how to choose whips, crops, clamps, and restraints, and get the most out of your toys; bondage safety and techniques; how to establish and maintain hot and loving S/M relationships; emotional edge play and BDSM psychology; and how to find the leather community in your area.

Also contains an all new chapter on piercing, cutting, breath control, electricity, and other advanced techniques. All new erotic vignettes by the master of S/M erotica, plus a comprehensive resource guide of books, magazines, mail order outlets, and national and local organizations.

By Patrick Califia

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