Rubber Wrist Cuffs (J235)

Rubber Wrist Cuffs

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These cuffs are like our basic leather cuffs but made of rubber. They are functional, attractive, and inexpensive. Made from 2" strips of thick, strong rubber, one end has a metal plate with a semicircular ring, while the other end has a series of slots punched in the rubber.

Put the cuff around a wrist, ankle, or upper arm, and insert the ring through whichever slot gives you the fit you need. Put a lock, hook, or rope through the ring, and the cuff is secure. A silver-colored D-ring, is riveted to the center of the cuff, providing another point of attachment.

**Not recommended for heavy play

For a general-purpose set, we usually recommend the medium sizes. Prices are per pair. Locks are not included.

Small (J235) Fits 5¾" to 7¾".
Medium (J236) Fits 6" to 8¾".
Large (J237) Fits 6½" to 9¾".
XLarge (J238) Fits 9½" to 12½".

Made In the USA

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