Ride On Penis Extender (D765-Z)

Ride On Penis Extender

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The Ride On Extender Dildo may just be man’s best friend; whether you are looking to add some inches, thickness or just want to be able to keep satisfying your playmate in between hard-ons this cock extender is the perfect addition to your toy box. The Ride On Extender is hollow-shaped to fit over the penis and designed to stay firm against your body once in place. The hole for your balls is secure but comfy due to the stretchy nature of the silicone; this allows for stability and extended pleasure and for powerful, deep stroking. The Ride On Extender is made with super soft platinum quality silicone which makes for an extra enjoyable experience. The Ride on Extender Dildo has left no feature out. The outer shaft sports natural looking veins and retains body heat for an extra realistic sensation.

This extender is also perfect for trans-women who may be in search of a substitute for a typical dildo harness and strap on. The Ride On is also a great solution for those who have trouble getting and maintaining erections. Be adventurous, the Ride On Extender works in most positions and can stand up to rigorous play.

Available in three colors- Vanilla (D765), Caramel (D766) or Chocolate (D767)

  • Outside: 6 1/2in/ 16.51cm insertable length

  • Outside: 1-3/4in/5.5cm maximum width Circumference

  • Inside: 4in/ 10.16cm insertable length

  • Inside: 1-3/8in /4.3cm maximum width Circumference

  • Solid tip: 2 1/2in long/6.35cm

  • Available only in Caramel

Safety, Care and Usage

To use the Ride On Extender Dildo simply roll the sleeve one third of the way downward and apply lubricant to the interior of the Ride On and your dick, you can be soft or hard. Then squeeze out the air and put your penis in the hole and steadily let go of the pressure. You then roll down the Ride On to the base and pull your balls through the opening and pull to one side and push through your testicle, do the same with the other and you are good to go. Putting the Ride On on while lying on your back is the best and easiest way to do it. You can toss the Ride On in the Dishwasher or wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. Remember to always use a condom if you are sharing toys and clean after every use!

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