Rascal‘s Double Teamer (D475)


Rascal‘s Double Teamer
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Rascal's Double Teamer is a GIANT double ended dildo made from Sensafirm. The flexible and smooth material gets very slick when lubricated allowing penetration easy. This is the ultimate sex toy for couples who want to explore some tandem play. The dildo is very flexible so it can be creatively used on one person


  • Length is 28 in (71cm)

  • Width (diameter) is 2.25in (5.7cm)

  • Weight 3.77 lbs(60.35oz) \

  • Made of Sensafirm

  • Waterproof

Safety, Care and Usage

Wash before and after use with warm water and anti bacterial soap. Pat dry. Store in a cool, dry place. For best results use with lubricant.

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