Prostate Massagers

Stud Finder (TM) Prostate Milking Stick

Stud Finder (TM) Prostate Milking Stick $88.00

If you were ever curious about whether you can milk a bull, this device answers with a roaring "YES!"

The Stud Finder™ is the newest addition to our stable of prostate stimulation devices, but unlike the more conventional silicone, rubber, or plastic p-spot toys, this massive... More >>

Renegade Pleasure Rocker

Renegade Pleasure Rocker $46.60

A vibrator especially designed by Renegade for male anatomy with two shafts from a wide base that houses a powerful 4-speed motor.

The primary shaft is angled for internal stimulation, with a prostate-pointed curve and a gently bulbous head. A secondary bullet shape curves under... More >>

Renegade II Vibrating Massager

Renegade II Vibrating Massager $40.00

Long, dark, and powerful, the Renegade Vibrating Massager has been specially designed for deeply satisfying anal stimulation.

The Renegade is ergonomically designed to stimulate your p-spot, and stands 5 inches tall and 4 inches in circumference at its widest. Manufactured from... More >>

Fun Factory Duke

Fun Factory Duke $99.99

German design firm Fun Factory® is renowned for their ergonomic sex toys in high-quality materials, and “The Duke” – a rechargeable, cordless anal vibrator that stimulates both the prostate and perineum – is no exception. The unique shape combines an upper bulge that hits your P-spot with a curved... More >>

The Rude Boys

The Rude Boys $63.00

Say Hello to The BOYS! These P-spot pleasure demons stimulate the prostate and perineum simultaneously. Their unique curved design enables hands-free use--just insert, sit, rock, enjoy. Made from soft, flexible medical grade silicone, with a classy chrome tip, these innovative anal toys are powered... More >>

Pandora Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager

Pandora Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager $38.00

Open up Pandora's toy box and see what pleasures await! This attractive little anal plug is made of high quality, vibrant blue silicone. While suitable for anal use by both men and women, Pandora's tip is specially formed to stimulate a man's prostate. This toy could be used for G-spot... More >>


Fling $140.00

The Nobessence Fling is a raindrop shaped wooden sex toy that features an extremely easy-to-grip handle. With a smooth, perfectly curved silhouette and unparalleled firmness, the Fling provides unique indulgence that other sex toys cannot offer. Its ergonomic handle and angled head offers... More >>


Intrigue $170.00

The Intrigue is part of the dynamic, nature-inspired line of erotic sculptures by Nobessence. When you see and feel this astounding sex toy, you will immediately understand why it is referred to as a work of art – it's beautiful, earth-friendly design will allow you to surrender to pleasure like no... More >>

Fun Factory Bloomy

Fun Factory Bloomy  $39.99

Fun Factory's Bloomy was designed for versatility. This non gender specific toy's unique shape can be used anally, as a prostate massager, Kegel exerciser or as the perfect vaginal dildo, allowing for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. With its sleek and pleasing look the Bloomy allows you to be as... More >>

Nexus Gyro Hands Free Male G-Spot Toy

Nexus Gyro Hands Free Male G-Spot Toy $102.00

One of the latest hands-free additions to the Nexus family, the Gyro is a male G-spot toy with motion in mind! Designed so users can ‘gyrate’ their way to a male G-spot orgasm! Made from comfortable phthalate-free, super-soft silicone.

Product... More >>

Lelo BOB

Lelo BOB $40.00

The Lelo BOB Pleasure Object has been carefully tailored to contour to the male's body providing the ultimate in anal G-spot stimulation. The BOB has an easy to grip ring making for confident insertion and play. The high quality silicone material is incredibly smooth and seamless. The Lelo Bob is a... More >>

Aneros Prostate Massagers

Aneros Prostate Massagers $48.00 - $85.00

The Aneros Stimulators (for men) are patented, medically researched devices specifically designed to stimulate both the prostate and the perineum. They can help men discover the pleasure of what some people call "the male G-spot." Easy to use and fulfilling for both the beginner and the expert, the... More >>

Progasm Prostate Massager

Progasm Prostate Massager $69.50

The “Progasm” Prostate Massager is a prostate massager made from firm, non-toxic plastic FDA-approved materials. This item is available in black, red, or white.

The “Progasm” Prostate Massager is a medically researched and scientifically designed device that works in harmony with the... More >>

njoy Prostate Fun Plug

njoy Prostate Fun Plug $88.00

Ergonomically designed to target the prostate, the njoy Pfun Plug delivers firm, controlled massage to the male G-spot. Whether manually controlled, or activated with the user’s own muscles in ‘hands-off’ mode, the Pfun Plug prods the P-spot with precision. The njoy Pfun Plug is cast in 316 grade... More >>

njoy Pure Plug 2.0

njoy Pure Plug 2.0 $108.00

The njoy Pure Plug 2.0 is (a lot) more of a good thing. Equally fun for hot bedroom play or to wear all day for some naughty secret stimulation, njoy’s Pure Plug 2.0 truly shines where the sun don’t!

The Pure Plug 2.0 combines a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration,... More >>


G-force $66.00

Tickle her g-spot or his p-spot with this seductively arched probe that can be used for solo play or for play with a partner. The G-Force is a curved masterpiece, made of extra hard 100% hypoallergenic silicone, providing more stability for the length. The wicked extra length and slim shaft... More >>

TitanMen Master Tool 1

TitanMen Master Tool 1 $15.95

Begin your journey from mere anal apprentice to anal master with the TitanMen Master Tool #1. You or your partner can take control of the flared base and guide the smoothly textured head into the rectum and let the curve of the shaft bullseye the prostate first time, every time. Great for spicing... More >>

Tantus Prostate Play Massager

Tantus Prostate Play Massager $68.00

The Prostate Health Massager is made for a man’s pleasure, relaxation, and health. It has a bulbous, flexible shaft designed so it can adjust to the body’s natural curves. Comes with a mini-bullet vibrator to hit the P-spot with a nice massage. The Prostate Health anal plug is made from 100%... More >>

Renegade Men's Pleasure System

Renegade Men‘s Pleasure System $60.00

The Renegade Men's Pleasure System is a great toy for anal pleasure, but it does so much more than that.

The Pleasure System takes on the front and rear at the same time, making for an intense experience that extends through the entire male genital area. The anal plug can be gently... More >>