Premium Jr. Deerhide Flogger (B710)

Premium Jr. Deerhide Flogger
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This is a junior version of our favorite Deerhide flogger. Like the longer model, it is crafted under rigorous quality standards. Deerskin's reputation for being thick, supple, and "living" is fully expressed in this flogger. The 23 tails are expertly finished and have angled tips. Short floggers like these are good for beginners or for practicing aim and technique.

This flogger is capable of producing gentle, wide massaging caresses as well as whopping thuds. The wooden handle is covered with cowhide and ends in black turk's head style knobs. The handle is 6" long, and the tails are 12" long and ¼" wide. There is a 2" round braided leather wrist loop.

The longer version is available with colors, but this one only comes in black.

Made in the USA

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