Premium Garment Leather Collar (J427-Z)

Premium Garment Leather Collar


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This Premium Garment leather collar is 1" wide, lined with smooth leather, and is softer and more supple than the usual leather versions.

A heavy-gauge O-ring provides a point of attachment or a place for a Kitten/Owner, Slave/Master Identification Tag. It has lockable buckles, but locks are not necessary to keep the collar fastened.

Our leather bondage gear is by far the finest quality you will find anywhere on the net and beyond.

The color is rich and uniform and compliments any skin color. We make every item right here in Los Angeles, USA.

The Small/Medium minimum length is 11¼", with a maximum of 13½".

The Medium/Large minimum length is 13¾", with a maximum of 16¼".

Made In the USA

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