Precision Pump Lube (F181)

Precision Pump Lube

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Penis pumpers of the world, rejoice! Your days of being bothered by your dick coming out of the pump before you've had your satisfaction are over thanks to the awesome sealing power of this Precision Pump Lube!

Imagine never again having to deal with the disappointment of pumping over and over again to get your penis inflated to your desired size only to have it slip out of the pump prematurely.

This silicone-based lubricant will make that fantasy a reality, as it was designed specifically with pumpers in mind. Getting in and out of the pump will be a breeze when your dick is greased up with a dab of this lube, and when it swells up against the sides of your pump the lube will help to form a seal with your penis that's strong enough stay intact throughout all the abuse that you're dishing out down there.

Product Details:

 • Contains 9 fl oz/266mL

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