Powder Coated Xbar (S758)


Powder Coated Xbar
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Put your lover in the ultimate submissive hold with this sleek Xbar. Swivel-mounted wrist and ankle cuffs are attached to a durable metal Xbar, allowing for four-way restraint. Cuffs are leather and adjust to fit various sizes. Make them as tight or as loose as you desire. Simply slide the rings on the cuffs through one of eight different grooves to secure your lover. A small lock can be added for extra security. The Xbar allows you to place your lover in many different positions.
You'll love how sexy and submissive your lover becomes once locked in the Xbar.

Powder Coating is a form of dry coating that looks great and is tougher than conventional paint, but shows scratches easily. Please be careful handling your Powder Coated materials.

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