Pjur Bodyglide Original Gel, 100 ml (B277)

Pjur Bodyglide Original Gel, 100 ml

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Pjur Gel is a thicker version of the Pjur Bodyglide, designed for individuals preferring more friction. Pjur Gel is designed for multiple uses, and is also a skin conditioner, moisturizer and a therapeutic massage formula, appropriate for daily use.

Recommended worldwide by doctors and pharmacists, Pjur Gel has many favorable characteristics. Its unique formulation is never sticky or tacky, requiring no clean-up. It is extra long-lasting, never drying out, making it economical drop for drop. Pjur Gel is tasteless, fragrance free, nontoxic, noncomedogenic and nonallergenic.

Its skin conditioners and moisturizers work to leave your skin silky and smooth, without the use of oils, fats, preservatives or animal byproducts. Pjur Gel is produced without animal testing. Caution: This product may react with silicone products and cause undesirable effects.

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone

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