Petals by Nick Karras (C806)

Petals by Nick Karras

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The body of a woman has been the subject of art forever. Sculptors, painters, and photographers have tried to capture the nature, shape, and mood of female sexuality.

The collection of photography in Petals captures the unique beauty and central mystery of a woman’s body- the full flower of her vulva.

Karras’ book is a series of stunning sepia-tone images of 48 vaginas. These bold portraits unveil the surprising variety and hidden beauty of female genitalia.

“These are very delicate images, an almost floral study,” says New York art critic A.D. Coleman. “In his tonalities and use of light, Nick Karras has approached the subject with very near a botanist’s eye for the variety of this particular physical form. I think that the title Petals is quite appropriate.”

Female reviewers have been particularly positive about the book, citing the artistic integrity evident in the photographs. Women exploring Karras’ work invariably express wonder at the range of line, texture, and complexity of shapes in the pictures.

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