Perfect Fit Ergo Speed 2-in-1 Douche (E317)


Perfect Fit Ergo Speed 2-in-1 Douche
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This sleek black anal douche combines the convenience of a traditional travel style bulb douche with the versatility of a shower compatible adapter for either a quick rinse or a deep down clean.

The nozzle head is rounded and bulbous to ease insertion, while the nozzle itself bends and contours to fit comfortably providing up to 8 inches of insertable length. You can use the nozzle adapter by attaching it to a regular hand-held shower hose (hose not included), or utilize the included squeeze bulb. This bulb uses a unique one-way air valve to eliminate the vacuum effect and considerably reduce backflow from the nozzle, and holds 10oz of water in its body-safe PVC reservoir for on-the-go hygiene.

Product Details:

 • Made of Medical Grade PVC & Phthalate free TPR

 • Nozzle length: 9.75in (24.8cm)

 • Insertable length: 8in (20.3cm)

 • Nozzle diameter: 0.75in (1.9cm)

 • Nozzle circumference: 2.4in(6cm)

 • Overall length with bulb: 13.75in (34.9cm)

Safety, Care and Usage:

Do not store nozzle while bent or folded. This item cannot be sterilized and should not be shared.

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