Penthouse Audio Series, Disc 1 (C411)


Penthouse Audio Series, Disc 1
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Bend, Lick, Insert, Send, Part One of the Penthouse Audio Series, offers 8 erotic audio stories that will have listeners licking their lips. These creative, sexy stories will send them over the edge with each tastefully titillating tale. Listen as wives arrange special evening events, couples put the pizzazz back in their relationship, women get who they want and how, and more. From Sounds Publishing.

This CD has over an hour of original, creative content. Each short, erotic story is 7 to 12 minutes long, written by professional writers and narrated by dynamite voice talent.

Track Titles:

1. Penthouse Audio Intro
2. Police Story
3. Loves of My Life
4. Blowing Out the Pipes
5. Back to Nature
6. Rushing Roulette
7. My Babysitter
8. The F-Factor Diet - Part I

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