Oxballs Stretch-Hole Butt Plug (E814)

Oxballs Stretch-Hole Butt Plug

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Among the many things we love about Oxballs is their straightforward approach to addressing basic needs. This plug does exactly what its name implies - stretches your hole. But it doesn't fill your hole the way a traditional plug would. It simply opens you up to new possibilities, especially if you're into enema or piss play. Once inserted, you can shoot lube inside, use it as a drain plug, you get the idea.

To insert, lube the gear up inside and out, then use the plunger to work the plug inside. Once your muscles naturally grip onto the plug, slide the plunger out and get to work.

This plug is perfect for those intimidated by similar stainless steel products, which can be too heavy and weighted for some. Additionally, the Stretch-Hole Butt Plugs quickly warm to your body and are comfortable to wear.

The Stetch Hole Butt Plug is an Oxballs original and proudly made in the USA.

Product Details

Each size is available in two color combos - red and black or yellow and black.


 • Outside Diameter: 2.25in/5.7cm

 • Inside Diameter: 1.4in/3.5cm

 • Depth: .6in/1.4cm


 • Outside Diameter: 2.5in/6.4cm

 • Inside Diameter: 1.9in/4.8cm

 • Depth: 1.1in/3cm


 • Outside Diameter: 2.75in/7cm

 • Inside Diameter: 2.25in/5.7cm

 • Depth: 1.5in/3.8cm

Safety, Care and Usage

Made of pure platinum silicone. Can be cleaned with soap and hot water or in the dishwasher, or sterilized with a bleach/water solution. Compatible with all lubricants. Remember to always play safely!

Made in the USA

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