Oxballs NEO Ball Stretcher (E798)

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Oxballs NEO Ball Stretcher

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You want a ball stretcher that offers comfort and discipline without losing its grip and keeps your balls right where they belong. The NEO Ball Stretcher from Oxballs lets you lock them down in their sack, over and over again.

Blended with neoprene fibers and cast with a silicone hybrid, the advantage of these great stretchers is that they won't loose their firm grip. The NEO Tall gives you that longer pull down, while NEO Short will fit almost any and all sizes and can be stacked as you grow. Finally, the NEO Angle has an angled height which pushes your sack forward and can be stacked to create an impressive scrotum sculpture.

Each of these rings is made of a high quality neoprene and silicone blend that won't pinch or cause any of the discomfort usually associated with neoprene cock and ball toys.

Product Details:

 • Available in grey metallic color only

 • Made of Pure Platinum Cure SILOPRENE (95% silicone, 5% neoprene)

NEO Tall (E798)

 • Height: 2in/5.1cm

 • Inside Diameter: 1in/2.5cm

NEO Short (E798S)

 • will fit any sack & can be stacked as you grow

 • Height: 1.25in/3.8cm

 • Inside Diameter: 1in/2.5cm


 • Angled to accentuate your bulge

 • Height (Top lip): 1.25in/3.8in

 • Inside Diameter: 1in/2.5cm

Safety, Care, and Usage:

Safe for use with all lubes. Clean using detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or a bleach solution. Allow to dry completely before storage.

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