Oval Wrist Shackles, Clear Coated Steel 2" (EI00296)

Oval Wrist Shackles, Clear Coated Steel 2"

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Masterfully crafted with comfort and control in mind, these Oval Wrist Shackles will securely hold your willing partner wherever you want them. Unlike most shackles that are circular, these restraints are oval shaped and fit better around your wrist ensuring longer comfort and longer wear. Each shackle has one hinge and room for an outside lock (not included). Joining the shackles together are 9 links of sturdy chain, securely soldered to the shackle, giving you up to a 9 inch span between your wrists.

Beyond the rigid comfort that these shackles offer, they are also covered in a smooth clear coat to prevent rusting of the metal to ensure a consistently comfortable wear and presentable appearance. Ideally paired with our Round Ankle Shackles, these high-quality restraints make a perfect set.

  • 2.5in (6.4cm) internal length
  • 2in (5.1cm) internal height
  • 9in (22.9cm) chain length

Made in the USA

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