Open Mouth

The Spider Gag

The Spider Gag $30.00 - $44.95

The Spider Gag is an innovative new metal open mouth gag. The gag has an O shaped ring in the center, and handle shaped “spider legs” on each side of the ring, hence the name - Spider Gag. The legs operate to further restrain and keep the ring inside the mouth. High quality black leather straps... More >>

O-Ring Gag

O-Ring Gag $32.00

This is a simple ring gag, consisting of a metal O-Ring wrapped in thin leather, attached to cinch straps that pull the ring tightly into the mouth, keeping it open.

The straps can be adjusted as desired, and are secured by looping one of the straps through two D-rings.

Please... More >>

Open Wide Gag

Open Wide Gag $39.50

This Open Wide Gag comes with sturdy and adjustable buckling leather straps and a black hard plastic ring perfect for wrapping your or your partners lips and teeth around.

  •Ring Diameter: 1.5in (3.81cm)
  •Ring... More >>

Dental Forceps (Molt-Retractor)

Dental Forceps (Molt-Retractor) $28.00 | SALE: $19.00

These stainless steel dental forceps will force a mouth open to a maximum distance of 2 1/8". Their length measures 5½".

Just right for medical... More >>

Brushed Steel Dental Retractor

Brushed Steel Dental Retractor  $32.00

This fiendish-looking devices is actually used by dentists and oral surgeons to keep mouths open during examinations and surgeries. However, fetishists, medical instrument collectors and Bondage and Discipline fans often find them interesting for other reasons.

This item was designed... More >>

Double Ratchet Dental Retractor

Double Ratchet Dental Retractor $40.00

This fiendish-looking device is actually used by dentists and oral surgeons to keep a patient's mouth open during examinations and surgeries. However, fetishists and bondage fans often find this type of device interesting for other reasons.

This item was designed as a medical/dental... More >>

Oxballs Guard Gag

Oxballs Guard Gag $92.00

Watersports enthusiasts, spunk fetishists, and even those new to gag play will find something to love in this unique open-mouth design - the first collaboration between The Stockroom and Oxballs!

The Guard makes a fine all-purpose gag; newbies will feel comfortable chomping down on... More >>