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Kinklab Neon Wand (R) Electrosex Kit Red/Black Handle

Kinklab Neon Wand (R) Electrosex Kit Red/Black Handle $150.00 | SALE: $97.50

The Red Handle Neon Wand® is the latest version of Kinklab's innovative Neon Wand Electrosex Kit, a device which creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin. The electricity produces sensations over a broad range, from a pleasurably warm tingling, to a more intense, focused... More >>

Power Tripper (TM)

Power Tripper (TM) $45.00 | SALE: $29.25

Share the Spark® with the ElectroErotic® Power Tripper™ from KinkLab®- the electro sex toy that actually makes sparks fly from your fingertips!

What if you could make your partner literally tingle every time you touched them? Part of KinkLab’s® ElectroErotic® line of... More >>

KinkLab Neon Wand Accessory Kit

KinkLab Neon Wand Accessory Kit $88.00 | SALE: $57.20

Get more spark with the Neon Wand Accessory Kit! 8 different attachments give you lots of room for experimentation, perfect for those who get off on variety.

Light up your scene with a dazzling glow from each of these quality crafted electrode attachments.

Each kit... More >>

Teddy Love

Teddy Love $99.95 | SALE: $74.95

Ready to meet your new best friend? This tantalizing teddy bear is more than just a comforting cuddle buddy; its soft plastic nose, muzzle, and protruding tongue conceal a powerful motor that turns this plush pal into a beast in bed!

Teddy Love bridges the gap between classic... More >>

KinkLab T-Cups Nipple Suction Set

KinkLab T-Cups Nipple Suction Set $24.50 | SALE: $15.92

Twist the night away and turn up the heat with KinkLab's newest sensation toy: The T-Cups™ Nipple Suction Set!

Each turn of the screw adds a delicious degree of succulent suction to your nipples, neck, or other sensitive spots. Stick them to your skin and turn the handle to the... More >>

VibeRite(R) Personal Massager

VibeRite(R) Personal Massager $44.95 | SALE: $29.21

The latest offering from Kinklab® is the VibeRite® Personal Massager, a 7 speed, cordless massage wand with a soft silicone head, and a pliable neck, for a more personal personal massage. The rechargeable battery will keep going and going for hours of pleasure, all without the... More >>

VibeRite (R) Hammerhead Male Attachment

VibeRite (R) Hammerhead Male Attachment $14.50 | SALE: $9.42

Men: Now you can enjoy direct stimulation from a VibeRite™ or other wand-style vibrator with the Hammerhead masturbator attachment! This soft, stretchy attachment fits securely onto the head of your vibrating wand, delivering intensely pleasurable... More >>

VibeRite(R) G-Spot Attachment

VibeRite(R) G-Spot Attachment $9.50 | SALE: $6.17

For a truly earthshaking experience, focus the power of the VibeRite® Personal Massager deep within your body with this gently curved vinyl attachment. The flexible extension gives you the freedom to pinpoint intense vibrations exactly where you want... More >>

VibeRite(R) Double Agent

VibeRite(R) Double Agent  $17.00 | SALE: $11.05

Satisfy your deepest sensual spots with the VibeRite Double Agent™ Attachment for the VibeRite® Personal Massager. Perfect for exploring the depths of your untapped pleasure zones, this massager maintains strong contact with the perineum or clitoris... More >>

VibeRite(R) Triple Crown

VibeRite(R) Triple Crown $15.00 | SALE: $9.75

Triple your pleasure with the ergonomic VibeRite Triple Crown™ Attachment. This indulgent tool is designed to target your most sensitive areas with focused, powerful vibrations. Perfect for simultaneous vaginal, anal, and clitoral stimulation, you're sure to see stars when you unleash this... More >>

Mike's Spikes (R)

Mike‘s Spikes (R) $10.00 - $89.00 | SALE: $5.00 - $44.50

As seen in American Horror Story on the FX Network!

This unique piece can be used either as a CBT device – à la Kali's Teeth – or a ball stretcher.

The interior of the locking stainless steel cylinder is covered with adjustable sharp or... More >>

Locking Cock Cage

Locking Cock Cage $35.95 | SALE: $23.36

This cock cage is a very confining male chastity device. It will tend to limit erections, and prevent orgasms.

This is a new and different design from the splint-style cages we used to sell, but the new design is similar and, we think, an improvement over the original. As before, there... More >>

Head Ring with Ball

Head Ring with Ball $32.00 | SALE: $16.00

The Head Ring, which is sometimes called a glans ring, adorns the head of the penis and is used in erotic genital bondage. Glans rings are worn tightly around the head of the cock and will give new firm sensations during sex play, alone or with another.

This design includes a Glans Ring... More >>

KinkLab 5-Snap Neoprene Cock Ring

KinkLab 5-Snap Neoprene Cock Ring $12.95 | SALE: $8.41

Stockroom.com is thrilled to introduce the KinkLab line. Test the limits of pleasure with aid from high-quality, appealing, and functional products. KinkLab products are designed to help you realize your own visions of how passionate, creative, and positively charged your erotic life can... More >>

KinkLab Rubber Cock Rings, 3-Pack

KinkLab Rubber Cock Rings, 3-Pack $9.95 | SALE: $6.46

This collection from KinkLab features 3 rubber cock rings for a perfect fit in any variation of ways you'd like to wear them.

Product Details

  • Made of comfortable rubber with a slight stretch

  • Diameters: 1.5in (3.8cm),... More >>


24" Basic Leather Flogger $79.00 | SALE: $51.35

This is a best-selling item -- a good quality flogger-style whip at an unusually affordable price.

Made from fine black leather, moderately heavy, with about eighteen ½" tails. (We carry other floggers with twice that number of tails.) This... More >>

Fine Rubber Tickler/Whip

Fine Rubber Tickler/Whip $14.00 | SALE: $9.95

This lightweight little toy is a lightly stinging whip. The 18" flexible black plastic handle is topped with a cluster of 7" fine rubber strands to create multiple points of sensation.

Use it lightly for a tickling sensation, or put a little muscle into it for a... More >>

Premium Garment Leather Collar

Premium Garment Leather Collar $35.00 | SALE: $22.75

This Premium Garment leather collar is 1" wide, lined with smooth leather, and is softer and more supple than the usual leather versions.

A heavy-gauge O-ring provides a point of attachment or a place for a Kitten/Owner, Slave/Master... More >>

Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs

Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs $59.00 | SALE: $38.35

These Premium Garment Leather wrist cuffs are 1½" wide, leather lined, and made of black, red, or pink garment leather which is softer and more supple than the usual leather version of these cuffs.

These cuffs will fit... More >>

White Deluxe Buckling Collar

White Deluxe Buckling Collar $32.00 | SALE: $20.80

This white leather collar is 1¾" wide and wraps around the neck twice. It has a buckle that accepts a padlock, but does not require a lock to stay closed.

Small fits 10" to 13½" neck.
Medium fits 12½" to 16½"... More >>

White Leather Leash, 2.5

White Leather Leash, 2.5 $18.50 | SALE: $12.00

This is a basic white leather leash, about ¾" wide, with a wrist loop on one end, and a very nice crab-claw style hook on the other end for easy attachment to a collar or harness.

Also available in black, More >>

Locking/Buckling Wrist Cuffs, White

Locking/Buckling Wrist Cuffs, White $35.00 | SALE: $22.75

By popular demand, we are producing this set of buckling cuffs in white leather. These cuffs are 2" wide and are made of white leather which is softer and more supple than the leather used for our black version of the same item.

These cuffs... More >>

Locking/Buckling Ankle Cuffs, White, 2.25

Locking/Buckling Ankle Cuffs, White, 2.25" wide $49.00 | SALE: $31.85

Each white leather cuff has 2 locking buckles and a large D-ring.

This design is innovative, sexy, secure, and comfortable. Each cuff is 2¼" wide, and fits an ankle from 6" to 12½".

Also available in black and red. (See... More >>

Deluxe Suspension Cuffs

Deluxe Suspension Cuffs $136.00 | SALE: $68.00

These top-of-the-line padded leather suspension cuffs are made by our in-house Stockroom design team. Crafted for upright suspension, these cuffs are strong and comfortable, and have D-rings situated on the cuffs in such a way that the pull is vertical and does not pull the wrists... More >>

Leather Hog Tie

Leather Hog Tie $29.00 | SALE: $18.85

The Leather Hog Tie provides a quick and easy way to hog-tie your submissive. No complicated bondage involved!

Made with sturdy, thick leather, with four rotatable crab-claw hooks, it's 11" from tip to tip.

Also available in pink... More >>

Anal Plug Harness for Men

Anal Plug Harness for Men $75.00 | SALE: $48.75

Here at the Stockroom, we are always looking for new ways of creating pleasure and submission. This harness was specially designed to accommodate a man's anatomy. It has a built-in "plug pouch" to fit most average sized butt plugs or dildos and a 2" nickel-plated cock-ring in the front. The More >>

Buckling Cock Ring/Chain Leash Set

Buckling Cock Ring/Chain Leash Set $25.00 | SALE: $16.25

Going for a walk just got a lot more interesting. Never mind the neck, this shiny chrome leash attaches to a black leather buckling/locking cock for maximum control of your man’s most sensitive element. The leash features a leather handle, medium weight chain with chrome snap hook, making the cock... More >>

KinkLab Low-Rise Leather Strap On

KinkLab Low-Rise Leather Strap On $109.95 | SALE: $54.97

The KinkLab Low-Rise Leather Strap On features:

•  Sexy low rise waist
•  5 points of adjustment allow for a perfect fit
•  3 interchangeable O-rings secure a range of dildo sizes. The O-ring sizes are:... More >>

Purity 2 Dildo

Purity 2 Dildo $29.00 | SALE: $19.00

It's the best of both worlds! The Purity 2 by Blush combines a luxurious texture with a tantalizing shape contoured for perfect G-spot stimulation.

A cute heart shaped base allows it to free-stand awaiting your invitation, guarantees safety during anal play, and makes it compatible for... More >>

Mio Silicone Dildo

Mio Silicone Dildo $32.00 | SALE: $24.00

For impressive penetration and stimulation, the Mio Silicone Dildo will satisfy you with a generous fullness while masterfully massaging your g-spot with each stroke. Featuring a smartly designed wide, round head angled to contour with your body, its 5 and a half inches of insertable length is... More >>

Oxballs Triple Penetrator

Oxballs Triple Penetrator $88.00 | SALE: $66.00

Two may be better than one, but everybody knows that three is the magic number!

The 3-Way Triple Penetrator from Oxballs offers you a chance to expand your horizons...amongst other things. Truly novel, this strap-on double dildo attaches via a cock ring to create a silicone sandwich... More >>

Sun Plug

Sun Plug  $25.00 | SALE: $12.50

The Sun Plug is beautifully crafted in nonporous glass which provides smooth, frictionless anal action. The teardrop shape is tinted with colors of amber and maroon. The benefit of glass allows you to play with the temperature of the plug for added sensations. Submerge in hot or cold water and The... More >>

17-Piece Chinese Cupping Set

17-Piece Chinese Cupping Set $75.00 | SALE: $60.00

In traditional Chinese medicine, suction cups are often applied to the surface of the body at certain points, sometimes in conjunction with acupuncture or acupressure. Traditional suction cups are glass, and are heated before being placed on the body. As the air inside a glass cup... More >>

Nip Suck

Nip Suck $29.99 | SALE: $22.49

If your nipples are feeling a bit inadequate, perhaps it’s time to give them a good suck. Place a Nip Suck device on each nipple and watch as they grow firm, engorged, and super sensitive! Dab a bit of lip balm or vaseline on for an even more secure seal.

Sold in... More >>

Gripper Nipple Suckers by Atomic Jock

Gripper Nipple Suckers by Atomic Jock $22.00 | SALE: $16.50

So simple, so good… Gripper Nipple Suckers deliver serious suction with a proven design including added function and style. Made by the notorious players at Atomic Jock, these tried and tested toys are sure to please nipple play fans across the globe.

Using these slightly tapered... More >>

Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps

Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps $30.00 - $32.00 | SALE: $19.00 - $21.00

Not for the faint of heart, the Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps are not just a clever name – they take tit-torment to a whole new level. These particularly fine, needle-tipped clamps take nipple stimulation to the extreme with claws that latch perfectly around the nipple once attached, and stay there.... More >>

Scissor Nipple Clamps

Scissor Nipple Clamps $16.00 | SALE: $12.00

These plastic forcep-style clamps are lightweight. The clamp surface is slightly textured to prevent slipping, and the clicking clasp applies plenty of pressure to ensure that they will stay put.

The clasp provides two levels intensity - medium and high.

Available... More >>

Spandex Hood w/ Blindfold

Spandex Hood w/ Blindfold $38.00 | SALE: $19.00

This hood is made of shiny, stretchy, black spandex, and has a soft cushioned blindfold sewn into the front of the hood, effectively blocking out vision. This hood is extremely comfortable, easy to put on, and easy to breathe through. It will fit... More >>

Steel Nose Hook

Steel Nose Hook $24.00 | SALE: $15.00

This basic nose hook is one solid piece that rounds into two hooks made to be fastened on the other end of a strap, one hook for each nostril.

The hook is made of a heavy duty steel with rounded edges. It may be used to force a person to bend his or her head backward in a submissive... More >>

Trainer Ball Gag w/ Dildo Ring

Trainer Ball Gag w/ Dildo Ring $68.00 | SALE: $40.00

Starting with the original Locking Trainer Ball Gag design, which features a locking, black leather strap and a non-toxic black rubber ball mouthpiece, we have added a dildo ring to the front of the gag, giving you the option of strapping a dildo on to the front.

The nickel-plated ring... More >>

Over The Mouth Ball Gag

Over The Mouth Ball Gag $28.00 | SALE: $20.00

Tired of the same ball and gag look with your whiny sub? Give your sub the look of total secrecy with the new Over The Mouth Ball Gag. This ball gag is sexy enough to take your favorite sub or slave to a classy party in style all the while keeping them quiet.

We use a beautiful,... More >>

Pink Leather Ball Gag

Pink Leather Ball Gag $32.00 | SALE: $19.95

This distinctive ball gag has soft pink leather straps with elegant edging down the length of the straps. Each gag consists of a buckling half-inch wide pink leather strap and a classic red non-toxic rubber ball.

Looks great with the matching Pink Wrist Restraints, Ankle Restraints,... More >>

KinkLab Leather Bondage Mittens

KinkLab Leather Bondage Mittens $85.95 | SALE: $55.86

•  restrain wandering hands

•  comfortable and secure

•  create endless bondage possibilities

•  12.5” Long

•  Latigo Cuff: 7”-9.5” circumference
2” width
¾” D-ring More >>

Under The Bed Restraint System

Under The Bed Restraint System $68.00 | SALE: $47.60

If you have a bed with no bedposts, this set is for you. The Under the Bed Restraint System turns your bed into a bondage playground. Simply slide the straps under any mattress, and position them around the bed to create various bondage possibilities.

The kit includes four... More >>

French Military Gas Mask

French Military Gas Mask $34.50 | SALE: $20.00

In the bunker or the bedroom, this amazing French military gas mask is perfect for whatever twisted scenario you can come up with. We're here to help, not to judge!

These heavy duty rubber gas masks are a delight for rubber fetishists or military interrogations and role play.More >>

Dittle Sounds 8 Piece Set

Dittle Sounds 8 Piece Set $79.00 | SALE: $39.50

The Dittle Sounds 8 Piece Set is a kit that includes eight 11 and 1/2 inch urethral sounding instruments made of medical grade stainless steel. These beautiful sounds are quite long, with one flat end that makes a great connector for electrical play and stimulation. 8 urethral sounds total make up... More >>

Nylon Rope, 25-ft

Nylon Rope, 25-ft $15.00 | SALE: $7.50

Twenty-five feet of soft, strong nylon cord, just over ¼" in diameter.

This cord is durable and washable, and can be used all in one piece or cut into smaller lengths as you desire. Wherever you cut the ropes, flame the ends lightly to fuse the... More >>

Dental Forceps (Molt-Retractor)

Dental Forceps (Molt-Retractor) $28.00 | SALE: $20.00

These stainless steel dental forceps will force a mouth open to a maximum distance of 2 1/8". Their length measures 5½".

Just right for medical... More >>

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori)

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori) $17.99 | SALE: $12.00

This delightfully twisted new volume by acclaimed writer and sex educator Midori titillates as well as educates. Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink takes erotic adventure to a personal level and exposes some of Midori's most helpful and empowering secrets.

Let the world famous Midori... More >>

Vivishine 5oz.

Vivishine 5oz. $23.99 | SALE: $16.95

Vivishine is an easy-to-use latex care product that will keep your outfits as beautiful and shiny as the day you bought them! It won't dry up or rub off the way traditional polishing with silicone sprays,... More >>