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Drang Steel Anal Plug

Drang Steel Anal Plug $82.00 | SALE: $34.00

This smooth, sleek, and stainless steel anal plug has curves in all the right places. It adds new dimensions of pleasure for all the right spots and then some.

The hardness of steel and its sizeable head make for intense pressure and stimulation with this handy plug. Add a slender... More >>

Silicone Jack Rabbit

Silicone Jack Rabbit $79.50 | SALE: $49.95

A longtime favorite for its multiple methods of intense stimulation, the Jack Rabbit vibrator is now available in high quality silicone, soft, scentless, and hypo-allergenic!

The supple shaft features a stately pleasure dome filled with six columns of variable speed rotating beads,... More >>

Slim Vibe

Slim Vibe $7.95 | SALE: $5.00

Have every sex toy known to man? Making room for just one more is simple with the sleek and slender Slim Vibe! Discreet as it is pleasurable, the Slim Vibe is ideal for players of all levels and provides intense anal or vaginal stimulation with its powerful vibrating motor. Toss it in your travel... More >>

Cyberskin Vibrating Cock

Cyberskin Vibrating Cock $49.50 | SALE: $39.50

The Cyberskin line of products represents a significant advance in dildos that feel like the real thing. The latex on the surface of this Cyberskin Vibrating Cock dildo feels hauntingly like human skin. However, if the whole dildo were made out of that same soft material, it wouldn't be firm... More >>

Kinklab Adjustable Strap On Dildo Harness

Kinklab Adjustable Strap On Dildo Harness $65.95 | SALE: $34.95

It’s easy to adjust the sizing and placement of this genuine leather strap on dildo harness from Kinklab: just slide straps through the D-rings on the side to fine tune the fit. Quicker adjustments mean a more fulfilling experience, because dildo harnesses require constant tweaking to remain secure... More >>

Inflatable Double Butt Plug w/ Handle

Inflatable Double Butt Plug w/ Handle  $49.00 | SALE: $39.20

More than just a plug, this new addition is a DOUBLE plug that inflates and comes attached to a sturdy handle!

If you've been curious about larger plugs but aren't quite ready to commit, the option to control the size with the help of a medical-grade pump might be just what you... More >>

Oxballs Pig-Hole Fuck Plug

Oxballs Pig-Hole Fuck Plug $56.00 - $74.00 | SALE: $40.00 - $52.00

The Pig-Hole Fuck Plug from Oxballs is one of the finest hollow butt plugs on the market, making it the perfect toy for all you filthy pigs out there! Made from skin-flex pure platinum cure silicone, this plug makes anal intercourse possible while plugging the butt at the same time. The Pig Hole is... More >>

Tire Tread Slapper

Tire Tread Slapper $79.00 | SALE: $63.00

Finally, a fun way to help the environment! Made of high-grade recycled tire rubber, the Tire Tread Slapper is a great way to go green as you make their bottom go red. A 15" long tire tread is bolted into a solid, yet fairly lightweight piece of stainless steel.
More >>

Excite-Her Silver Bullet

Excite-Her Silver Bullet  $12.99 | SALE: $9.50

The Excite-Her Silver Bullet is a two speed vibrating bullet. The heavy duty reinforced cord and easy to use controller makes play carefree. The Excite-Her Silver Bullet is waterproof so treat yourself to an orgasmic shower!


  • Insertable... More >>

LeatherSex (Joseph Bean)

LeatherSex (Joseph Bean) $16.95 | SALE: $12.00

This book was written for people seeking a more interesting and fulfilling erotic life. It gives guidance in one popular style of erotic play which the author calls "leathersex"-sexuality that may include S/M, bondage, dominance, submission, fantasy, role playing, sensual physical stimulation, and... More >>

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori)

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori) $17.99 | SALE: $12.00

This delightfully twisted new volume by acclaimed writer and sex educator Midori titillates as well as educates. Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink takes erotic adventure to a personal level and exposes some of Midori's most helpful and empowering secrets.

Let the world famous Midori... More >>

Secret Sexual Positions (Stubbs, Ph.D.)

Secret Sexual Positions (Stubbs, Ph.D.) $16.95 | SALE: $13.50

This new, lavishly illustrated guidebook by the bestselling author of Erotic Massage takes readers on a tour of sexual practices throughout the ages. Drawing on a rich variety of cultures and eras, Secret Sexual Positions provides methods that can open us to forgotten or undiscovered... More >>

Consensual SadoMasochism

Consensual SadoMasochism $17.95 | SALE: $12.00

Easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to understand, in this book the authors define and demystify the unique language of consensual sadomasochism, examine the psychological power of erotic dominance and submission, provide a carefully considered guide for safe SM play, and explain... More >>

Pink Adjustable Spreader Bar

Pink Adjustable Spreader Bar $59.00 | SALE: $25.00

This gorgeous powder-coated spreader bar adjusts from 25" to 37". Heavy eyebolts on each end allow you to attach cuffs (or whatever else you like). Spreader bar also available in black or More >>

Safety Scissors

Safety Scissors $12.00 | SALE: $6.00

Safety first in business and pleasure...especially in pleasure! A must-have for BDSM, bondage, restraint, and any sort of play that involves a tight fit, these tough little scissors will keep you out of trouble.

The roomy polypropylene grips allow a firm grasp when cutting with the... More >>

Steel Anal/ Vaginal Hook

Steel Anal/ Vaginal Hook  $60.00 | SALE: $30.00

Extreme players who love to utilize rope bondage can make good use of the Steel Vaginal/Anal Hook. It is approximately a half-inch thick and has a ring on the straight end for rope attachment.

The curved end is inserted into the anus or vagina. There is about 5" of insertable length. The... More >>

Well Of Misery Ball Stretcher

Well Of Misery Ball Stretcher $136.00 | SALE: $89.00

Give a whole new meaning to the phrase "You're screwed" with the Well of Misery Ball Stretcher. The two steel rings attached to the stretching rods are moved with an adjustable nut to move the ring down the shaft of the screw.

Each ring has 4 allen screws protruding from the center to... More >>

KinkLab Forceps with Rubber Tips

KinkLab Forceps with Rubber Tips $16.95 | SALE: $9.95

•  Stainless Steel
•  Removable Rubber Tips
•  3 levels of Tightness/Adjustment

Stockroom.com is thrilled to introduce the KinkLab line, presenting an opportunity to test the limits of pleasure with aid... More >>

Chrome Mini-Clothespin

Chrome Mini-Clothespin $4.50 | SALE: $2.50

This eye-catching, miniature, chrome-plated replica of a real clothespin has a strong bite. It can be used for play (on nipples or wherever your imagination takes you) or as an accessory (worn on a jacket, collar, vest, etc.).

Overall length is 1¼"

Sold... More >>

KinkLab Double-Lock Police-Style Handcuffs

KinkLab Double-Lock Police-Style Handcuffs $39.95 | SALE: $24.95

Heavy-duty for your serious play

Stockroom.com is thrilled to introduce the KinkLab line, a place where you can test the limits of pleasure with aid from high-quality, appealing, and functional products. KinkLab products are designed to help you realize your own visions of how... More >>

Jawbreaker Gag (TM) Patent Pending

Jawbreaker Gag (TM) Patent Pending $6.95 - $36.95 | SALE: $3.50 - $24.95

The new patent-pending Jawbreaker Gag™ offers a sweet variation on an item long utilized in fetish sex. Rather than strapping the classic rubber ball into the mouth, this new version uses a ball made from real, edible jawbreaker candy.

Sweet and fun, but also functional... More >>

Rigby Retractor

Rigby Retractor $54.00 | SALE: $25.00

This attractive steel surgical instrument is designed for spreading the labia and vaginal canal to allow for easier examination and access. A staple of any OB/GYN office, this shiny doctor's tool will make any medical fetish scene more realistic, and add a cold, clinical touch to any examination... More >>

5 Wheel Pinwheel

5 Wheel Pinwheel $30.00 | SALE: $15.00

This stylish steel pinwheel is the perfect medical fetish accessory or sensation toy. Five pinwheels sit on an axle that allows fluid, independent movement of each wheel, but can be rolled teasingly across the skin in a five-wide row for a unique sensory experience.

Like the... More >>

Tie Ring

Tie Ring $6.00 | SALE: $3.00

This is a handy piece of playroom hardware for bondage artists. A large steel hitching ring is permanently attached to a steel plate, which can be bolted into your wall, floor, headboard, a ceiling beam, or anywhere else your heart desires.

Ring Measurements:

Inside:... More >>

Head Ring w/ Penis Plug

Head Ring w/ Penis Plug $98.00 | SALE: $49.00

Made of medical grade steel, this sleek and effective Head Ring has a special tapered penis plug attached to the ring. The ring is worn tightly around the head of the penis and the plug is inserted into the urethra. ... More >>

Double Ball Steel Anal Hook

Double Ball Steel Anal Hook $122.00 | SALE: $69.00

The Double Ball Steel Anal Hook is an exciting submission toy that has a double-balled, insertable end for doubling your anal play and rope bondage fun. This is a very innovative anal hook that adds the extra effect of going both deeper and wider into the anus by having two anal balls stacked one... More >>

Anal Joystick

Anal Joystick $52.00 | SALE: $29.00

The Anal Joystick is made from medical grade steel with five graduating balls for heightened pleasure. The handle can be easily detached from the shaft of balls for easy cleaning. Sleek and smooth this anal toy is perfect for beginners and advanced explorers.

Product... More >>

Mini Bullet One Touch Vibrator

Mini Bullet One Touch Vibrator $9.00 | SALE: $5.00

This mini bullet vibrator is versatile and effective. With just the click of the black button this discreet little vibe will start a nice strong buzz.

With good batteries the vibration is very... More >>

Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring

Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring $7.50 | SALE: $4.95

This slim little cock ring perks up your play with very little commitment. Designed for single use, we think of this as the one-night-stand of sex toys. The original Screaming O has a thin band dotted with... More >>

Arena Cock Ring/Ball Stretcher

Arena Cock Ring/Ball Stretcher $69.00 | SALE: $34.95

Arena Cock Ring/Ball Stretcher is a 2 piece, cylindrical, stainless steel cock ring that stretches the testicles while gripping and surrounding the penis. This device separates in the middle simply by using a hex wrench for easy wearing and removal. Once fastened and worn around the penis and ball... More >>

Thigh Spreaders

Thigh Spreaders $86.00 | SALE: $60.00

This is an 18" thigh spreader restraint made of black or chrome metal, with swivel-mounted leather cuffs (12.5"-25") that do permit some movement. Eyebolts (about 3" from each end) are built-in for various bondage... More >>

Buckling Collar w/Nipple Clamps

Buckling Collar w/Nipple Clamps $34.00 | SALE: $27.00

Nipple clamps are attached to the D-ring of this leather collar for easy accessibility and control. The buckling collar fits most sizes. The nipple clamps are attached by two 12 inch chains, are adjustable, and have plastic-tipped ends for a non-slip grip.

The nipple clamps can be... More >>

Grip Cuffs w/ Fur Lining, Black

Grip Cuffs w/ Fur Lining, Black $135.00 | SALE: $108.00

This item provides a multi-sized wrist cuff and a padded grip, so the wearer is able to distribute weight stress off of the wrists. This arrangement can help avoid injury to delicate wrist anatomy.

The chains provide some "give", (or "flinching room") and can be... More >>

Wrist Cuffs w/ D-Ring

Wrist Cuffs w/ D-Ring $24.00 | SALE: $12.00

Our basic cuffs get consistently good reviews. They are functional, attractive, and inexpensive. They can be used on wrists, ankles, and upper arms. They are made from 2" wide pieces of heavy leather, hand-trimmed and fitted precisely with metal... More >>

Leather Waist Cuff (Bondage Belt)

Leather Waist Cuff (Bondage Belt) $44.00 | SALE: $35.00

Hand made from 2" wide straps of heavy leather, and fitted precisely with metal hardware. Two metal plates with semicircular rings at one end of the cuff slip through a select series of slots punched in the leather, to fit a range of... More >>

Locking Cock Cage

Locking Cock Cage $35.95 | SALE: $25.00

This cock cage is a very confining male chastity device. It will tend to limit erections, and prevent orgasms.

This is a new and different design from the splint-style cages we used to sell, but the new design is similar and, we think, an improvement over the original. As before, there... More >>

The 7 Gates of Hell

The 7 Gates of Hell $22.00 | SALE: $11.00

This device, named in keeping with long standing tradition, is used for male constraint and adornment.

It consists of a series of nickel-plated steel rings connected by a leather strap. The first, largest ring... More >>

Snake Bite Kit

Snake Bite Kit $8.00 | SALE: $6.00

This standard piece of camping gear is prized among sexually adventurous for the strong (but generally not painful) sensations produced when its two powerful suction cups are used on the nipples. They can also be used on... More >>